The Pool Doctor.

PoolKids(new) The pool guys came to check about the leak and they were only here for 20 minutes and found it! It’s near one of the water jets and skimmers in the shallow end in a pipe underground so they’ll come back in a few days and fix it and they’ll need to dig under the cement with a jackhammer to get to the pipes underground but they said it only takes 3-6 HRS to do and generally costs around 400$ which is much better than I was expecting; I was fearing thou$and$ of $$$$$, so now we just have to figure out where we’re going to get 400$ from but there’s no way we’d ever be able to get thousands of $$$$ and my mother already has the bank loan she has to pay back that she took out for the trip and that’ll take 5-7 YRS assuming she even lives that long! They said it’s just wear and tear and old age since the pool is 34 YRS old and the guy used to work for the guy that built the pool,too, but has since retired and now this guy has his own business. He said if it doesn’t get fixed the entire pipe will eventually burst and the whole pool will all drain out! I’m just glad the leak finally got found and that it won’t cost a fortune to fix otherwise we’d just have to close it down and forget about it. I’m also eager to have it done, re-filled, the water back to blue, and have it up and running again!

As well, the 11 YR old rescued her friend’s dog 2 houses over which had gotten loose out of their yard; she saw it running out on the street and guided it back into the yard and closed the gate( they weren’t home at the time) and then later on I had an embarrassing experience with it,too: I saw a lady walking down our street with what LOOKED like the 11 YR old’s friend’s dog following her so I went up to it and told it to go home and began to guide it there when I realized it was HER dog( it just looked the same!) and WAS on a leash( it was just so thin and clear I didn’t see it) so I explained to her and apologized profusely, so embarrassed I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die.I have good intentions but it always backfires and I end up looking stupid. I’m always embarrassing myself socially I honestly don’t know why I even leave my house! I haven’t seen Patti in over a week either and I’m worried esp. since I saw someone else walking her dog! I hope she’s ok….

I was also dizzy for the entire morning the other day it felt like I was tilting over to one side but I was ok otherwise, no fever, and didn’t feel sick or have sore ears or anything, and my mother has these really sharp pains (she rated a 10/10 on the pain scale!) on the left side of her abdomen and back and side too that sound suspiciously to me like kidney stones but refuses to go to the hospital unless she also has bleeding, fever, and vomiting, indicating something more serious such as inflamed, twisted, or obstructed bowel, pancreatitis,urinary tract infection, abdomenal aneurysm, etc. and I picked blackberries from our bushes but kept getting prickled by the thorns.

The 16 YR old got his learner’s permit as well; he only got 1 answer wrong on his driving test; he scored 39/40 so now 4 of the kids can drive, and I saw on the news that this country has one of the highest suicide rates, depression rates, and use of anti-depressants in the world and I’m not surprised; this place sucks and everyone’s miserable and hates it here, and they also said that 60% of Canadians are binge drinkers,too, that is drink 5-6 or more drinks over a 5 HR period or less and that doesn’t surprise me,either; I’ve always known this is a country of redneck loser boozers. It’s an embarrassment and a disgrace. I’m in the wrong country and my biggest dream is to move if only I had the $$$$ to.