Frozen I finally saw the movie “Frozen” after the 11 YR old begging me to for months and after all the kids watching it for like a MILLION times and telling me how good it is and how it’s their fave. movie. They’re right though; it WAS really good and I really liked it. Normally I don’t care much for kids’ movies, esp. Disney movies, but this one was really good. I could also relate to both of the sisters Anna and Elsa; Anna as she reminded me of myself when I was younger; desperate for love and romance and marrying the first person who showed any interest, and in Elsa as well: she had to hide her ability to freeze everything and shut herself off from the world and isolate herself just like I have to do with my Asperger’s; I have to hide it and not let people get to know the “real” me. My mother also watched it and said at first she didn’t know why the 11 YR old and I don’t like Prince Hans( which we nick-named “Prince Dickweed”) as he “seemed like such a nice guy” until the end of the movie and then she knew why….”Oh….nevermind!” I like how it was like a musical or an opera,too, and my fave. song was “Let It Go” which I can relate to.

As well, it’s been so cold and windy the past few days ( 20 C) it feels like fall and I sit outside with my sweater on and wrapped up in a blanket( what happened to summer? Where did it GO?) and next door now had a big truck dump gravel into the hole in their backyard now and I’m not sure if the lady’s pregnant or just has a belly but I hope she’s not because she smokes and that wouldn’t be a good start for the baby! We had to get a new microwave as well as the door wouldn’t open and you had to keep slamming it 6-12 times on average each time to get it to work and it had a hole in part of the door so radiation would leak out and give us all cancer! When I asked my hubby where we got it from the 7 YR old said, “Probably the Dollar Store!” (because it’s crap). We don’t have the $$$$ to afford to pay for a new one but my hubby shrugged, “That’s what credit cards are FOR!” He’s got so much debt racked up on that thing you wouldn’t believe whereas I believe in not spending more than you have and always pay my credit card up in full every month and don’t believe in going into debt.

I also wonder when I die what my name will be in Heaven; will it be the same as now, or perhaps a spiritual name I had before I was born, or maybe even a Heavenly name I’ll get after death, I still haven’t seen Patti since last Tues. and I’m worried about her; I hope she’s not sick, in the hospital, or even worse: dead; I don’t want to lose a friend or our opportunity to possibly get Buddy,either, and I notice that even the rednecks here all have purebred dogs, too, not mixed-breed mutts, and my mother quipped, “They probably STOLE them!”