The Hospital.

hospital My mother FINALLY decided to go to the hospital as her pain got more frequent. She spent 4 HRS waiting to be seen( typical,and sometimes it’s even 6-8 HRS!) and she also had an ultrasound. The scan showed up normal but the doctor suspects it was kidney stones( just like I thought) and that she’d already passed them and that’s what was causing the pain, as she was passing them but that they could still return at any time, so she got a prescription for pain in case it does return and her family doctor got a copy of the report. The radiologist also said that one of her ovaries( they scanned her entire abdomen) is bigger than the other but they’re not sure if it’s significant or not; she may have even been born like that but never had it scanned before to notice. I just hope it’s not an indication of early stage ovarian cancer, or something! They checked her gallbladder and appendix as well just to be sure and they’re fine,and there’s no blocked or twisted bowel,either, so nothing serious or life threatening. I know if kidney stones are too big to pass they laser them and blast them into smaller bits so they can be passed and my hubby said, “That’s what you had!” except I had GALLSTONES, not kidney stones, and he goes, “Same thing!” and I told him, “The gallbladder and the kidneys are NOT the same thing!” but I had my gallbladder removed so I no longer have that problem but they’d be hesitant to remove your kidneys, and I joked to my mother that she’s trying to “catch up” to me now and “beat” me in the amount of medical problems!

I also had weird dreams: one where my mother, the 11 YR old and I went to a Hollywood movie premiere and as the movie stars walked past on the red carpet I said, “There goes the Beautiful People! I’d give anything to be one of the Beautiful People!” and another where it was the first day of school for me at the local highschool here(but I was the same age I am now, not a teen) even though in actual fact I never went here but it’s supposed to be the worst highschool in the entire county, and in the dream 5 boys were bullying me(not a good way to start off the school YR) because I was friends with a black guy and due to it they kept pushing and shoving me around and I told them they were “stupid rednecks” and that I “had the right to be friends with whoever I want” and they replied that they “had the right to give me a hard time,too” and then I told them that they were nothing but (the name of our town) trailer trash” and told them to “Go blow yourselves!” and that I “won’t stoop down to their level!” and walked away.

The 11 YR old’s last day of arts and crafts camp is today(and the 13 YR old comes back from 2 weeks away at Cadets camp) as well and she went on a field trip, the “Cow Cat” lay at my feet while I sat outside and the drunken fire chief was at it again being a drunken fool; he was gesturing wildly, yelling loudly and fighting with his wife and I half expected he was going to smack her a good one,too, but luckily he didn’t and she just walked away and went into the house and then he was yelling at people that walked by the street! That guy’s such a horse’s ass! My mother also said she noticed that everyone in this town is either really, really, really skinny, as in anorexic- meth head- cancer/AIDS skinny, or really,really fat, no one’s in-between, and it’s now been 10 days and I still haven’t seen Patti( and I normally see her every day or so!) and now I’m really getting worried. Where could she be? What happened to her? The last time I saw her she said she was off to see the dentist about her painful and swollen cheek and jaw…