Make Me Bald.

ShaveMe Someone online was asking me how to shave his head bald like mine( pictured here). He said he has long hair and wants to go completely bald, so I told him step by step. He asked how the process works, what products I use and where I buy them. I told him first you have to “buzz” your hair down and I used a Wahl “Balding Clippers” and then I wet my “Buzz Cut” and used shaving gel and shaved it with a razor(the same one I use on my legs)using long strokes backwards from the front of my head towards the back and then wash and  dry it off, put Curel cream on it, rubbing it in,and then follow it up with coconut oil to soothe and moisturize. Since then someone else recommended to me to use the HeadBlade shaver which is designed for heads rather than for faces, armpits, or legs, and it slides around the contours and grooves of heads and it does work much better and faster, and with less cuts! It looks kind of like a little yellow car! He graciously thanked me and seemed really excited and eager and asked for a photo( so I sent him the one seen here) and said he’s going to go for it and even try and talk his friends into shaving their heads bald,too, and said he’d keep me updated.

The pool guys also finally said they’re coming on Wednesday and said they’ve booked the entire day for us to fix the leaking underground pipe, and my hubby said afterwards to just close the pool up but no way! The kids and I still want to swim and we still have over a week left in July plus all of August( and today’s going up to a stifling 30 C!) and we still want to use the pool, swim,and cool off, so I’ll just run the hose for a few days and fill it back up, turn the pump back on and get it circulating again and clean up the water(which is now a murky, swampy green from not circulating) pumping it full of chemicals, so we can use it again! We only got to use it for about 2 weeks so far!

One of the 19 YR old’s online gamer friends also heard my voice in the background and laughed I sound like an “old crone” so I replied, “Why should I CARE what some loser with no life that spends 24 HRS a day playing games on the computer thinks?” and it’s now been 2 weeks since I’ve seen Patti and I’m really worried so I walked down to her house to check in on her, to visit her if she’s home sick but there was no answer and no one was home and her dog didn’t bark,either, so maybe she just went away?(I hope so,anyway) and if she WAS at the hospital or something her dog would still be at home and someone would just come in every day to feed it and walk it….I think I might have found my old friend D (I’ve known for 26 YRS) on Facebook as well, so I sent him a message to see if it’s him or not, and he’s one of my most cultured friends,too; he doesn’t like sports or anything redneck, and he likes Classical music and literature,and even eats his pizza with a knife and fork! It would be nice to reconnect again after all these YRS, and it shocks and saddens me as well seeing photos of my old friends to see how now they’re grey, fat, and looking old( just like me) What’s happened to us? How have we all aged like that? Where has the time gone? I still like to see them and remember them like they were when I first met them, when we were all in our 20’s. None of us even look the same anymore.