National Hippo Appreciation Day!

Hippos16 Today is National Hippo Appreciation Day! Yes, it’s actually a real day, so everyone should appreciate these magnificent animals, and I, of course, appreciate them EVERY day, not just today, and the 11 YR old and I are going to celebrate this grand day with a party of some sort; wear party hats, bake a cake, sing a song; for us it’s like a national holiday! The 19 YR old’s latest diet craze he’s now following from his “guru” at jiu-jitsu consists of no grains whatsoever and only fruits, vegetables, and several servings of fatty meats daily except we can’t even afford meat once a day(we have it 2-3 times a week) as food’s so expensive so now he’s accusing us of “starving” him and I think if this “guru” advised him to eat raw flesh he’d probably do it; he follows whatever diet this guy says and it changes every few months and then he’s onto the next diet “kick”, the 13 YR old caught a toad at her friend’s house so now she’s keeping it in an aquarium in her room with a mesh cover and I showed her how to make a terrarium for it with sand, grass, rocks, a small dish of water, and how to catch fresh bugs(such as slugs, worms, pillbugs,etc.) in the garden daily and where to find them; after sunset, usually under rocks.

I also saw our old next door neighbours drive by in their truck and they waved as I was out the front so I waved back and even though they are rednecks I don’t really mind them so much, and Patti had said it seems her son’s managing better with Buddy now too so unless something changes I’m losing hope that we’ll get him now afterall and it saddens me as when I’d imagine him going for a walk, running around the house, curling up next to me snuggling on the couch or with me in bed it makes me so happy but God sees what we don’t, knows the future,and knows what’s best either way and I’m still holding on to some slim hope that it still might work out, and I hope when I go back to the Caribbean in October that I don’t end up getting that mosquito borne Chikungunya disease, either, and with my “luck” I probably WILL, esp. as mosquitoes really love me and I always get eaten alive!

I heard on the radio as well that a 24 case of beer costs 42 $ which I think is expensive and wonder why the loser boozers are stupid enough to pay that much, and that the average Canadian pays 30 000$ in YR in taxes ( I always KNEW we were one of the highest taxed countries in the world!) just 2 reasons why I hate this place, and saw on the news this family’s moving to Israel and I CAN completely understand why they’d want to leave HERE, but why would anyone want to move THERE, though; it’s a WAR zone and even in normal times there’s still always conflict; it’s a volatile, hostile area and you just never know when a missile will come whistling past or a bomb blows up; how can you live like that and who’d want to raise their family like that? One of my friends who grew up in Northern Ireland during the IRA days said it’s awful and the kids were scared to play outside and with good reason; the IRA had put a bomb under their car and the kids were emotionally traumatized from living like that!

Now the UN is looking into war crimes allegations by Israel as well and they should be; they targeted and bombed a hospital and a mosque; places civilians are….so much for targeting Hamas militants like they claim, and 70% of who they killed ARE civilians; it’s genocide and this “Israeli Apartheid” has to be stopped! It’s nice to see that there still are some good people though,too; like the Israeli woman I saw on the news that shielded the Palestinian boy from Israeli soldiers and the Muslim scholar in Mosul(in Iraq) defending Christians who were being persecuted and ended up getting killed for it. It just seems like the whole world is falling apart. 😦