Pool Repair.

PoolRepair(new) Our pool is now all repaired, up and running again! The guys came to repair the leak( seen in the photo here) which was a crack in a pipe leaking underground and they had to dig 3 feet under to get it. It took them 4 HRS to fix and cost 475$ which isn’t that bad esp. considering when they said about underground pipes I feared it would cost thousands! Then they cemented in the hole and the water truck came and filled in all the water we’d lost due to the leak; it only took 1 truck tank full which was 17 000 litres and because it was all green and yucky from the pump being turned off and not circulating for 2 weeks we had to use a special powdered chlorine(as opposed to the usual liquid “shock”) which came in a 5 litre tub and cost 60$ to clear it all up. I put it in over a 2 day period but it worked; now the water’s all nice and clean and clear and a sparkling blue again! The pool guys also told me that our pool’s one of the biggest ( in the Top Ten) between here and a city an HR away ( it’s 20 x 40 feet) and that when it was put in in 1980 it would have cost around 60 000$ then but would cost a whopping 275 000$ or so to do now, mainly due to the fact that the cost of concrete has gone up by 70% plus the border is limestone slabs( we had redone 2 YRS ago) which are also costly but they don’t make them that deep anymore now( ours is 9 feet in the deep end) just 7 1/2 feet.

The kids are also always laughing how I have so “many” wrinkles and I have more than my mother,etc. even though I never really thought they were that bad or I had that many but it really bothers me and I might just get them Botoxed just so they’ll leave me alone, our hydro bill was nearly 400$ this month and we just don’t have the $$$$ to pay it and that’s only ONE bill; it still doesn’t incl. the gas, water, satellite, phone, or Internet bills; they cost more than we bring in and everything’s just so expensive and we just can’t afford it, and I heard that the average American’s annual salary is 60 000$ too but I doubt that it’s that here( esp. since we pay 30 000$ a YR in taxes!) it’s more like 40 000$ a YR here, and I took a quiz “How Canadian Are You?” and I got only 40% which is good and I’m proud to say although I was hoping it would be lower although I only got that “high” a score since they asked what certain “Canadian” words( such as “KD” and “Beavertails”) meant as well and I know what they mean simply because I live here.

The 13 YR old took 52 selfies in just an HR as well (she’s so vain) and when her and the 11 YR old had a “selfie war” to see who could do the most selfies in 1 minute she won: she did 206, I heard the statistic of being in a plane crash is one out of 11 million even though there have been 3 plane crashes this week alone(they say the average is 10 a YR) but it doesn’t phase me; I’ve flown hundreds of times and I will again in October and I’ve never been worried and it probably helps that I don’t care if I die,anyway,and at least dying in a plane crash is sort of a “glamorous” way to die; I mean, lots of famous people have died that way,right? It also sickens me now Israel has bombed a UN school being used as a shelter and despite their targeting and  slaughtering innocent Palestinian civilians Canada still refuses to criticize or denounce them and still gives them 100% support; even to the point of supporting genocide; they always suck up to them and kiss their ass! Just yet another reason to hate this country as if I didn’t enough already!

I also found out my old friend D now has schizophrenia and it’s so sad,and apparantly it’s bad,too,and now he’s the second person I know who has it; my friend G has it as well which I knew right from the beginning. I think that would be the worst disease anyone could have with hearing voices and having hallucinations, with your mind playing tricks on you and being a prisoner of your own mind, and how agonizing it must be for the person and for their family. It seems to have a genetic link as well and I remember him telling me before how his mother was crazy so he must have inherited it from her. The poor guy.He doesn’t deserve this. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.