My Talented Girl.

ElsaDress My 11 YR old is so talented and creative. All the kids are. It comes from our homeschooling philosophy of letting them express themselves, their individuality,their creativity,and to do arts and crafts. All the girls know how to sew well, both by hand and on the machine and the 11 YR old also takes weekly sewing lessons and she has made bags, a purse, stuffed toys, pillows, a backpack, quilts, doll clothes ( seen in the photo here is her “Elsa” inspired dress from “Frozen”), a T-shirt, etc.

OlafShirt Here is the “Olaf” shirt from “Frozen” that she also designed. She bought the shirt and then made the stencil and painted the design on with fabric paint. It seems the kids have inherited my love of art. She also tried knitting as well but found it too complicated. My grandmother used to knit, sew, and crochet.

OwlToy This is also another of her creations, a stuffed owl. The 16 YR old HATES sewing,however, and when he has to sew patches onto his Cadets uniform, for instance it frustrates him to no end and he usually ends up in a huff and throws it across the room and one of the girls has to end up doing it for him and he rages, “HOW can they think this is FUN?” The 19 YR old also brought the offering up in church yesterday; they asked him to and he did and it was nice to see and I was impressed so maybe there is some hope for him afterall, and the 16 YR old scoffs that God and Satan are just “mythological creatures” just like Thor and Hercules and the 19 YR old calls God a “mystical sky daddy”, only the 13 YR old said she wants to have kids when she’s older; none of the other kids do, and she and the 15 YR old said they both hoped when they got home from camp that Buddy would be here,too,and were sad when he wasn’t, and I’m losing hope more and more that we’ll get him and I know I’ll probably have to let go but I still want to hold on to some hope.

We had epic thunderstorms last night as well; 3 seperate storm cells at 2:30 am, 4 am and 5 am, and one boom of thunder so loud it shook the entire house and knocked stuff off the 19 YR old’s shelf and woke him up and the power flickered off twice, I took a quiz “How much of an asshole are you?” and got 18%, the 11 YR old said I “walk funny ” and “waddle, like a penguin”, the 7 YR old was being a real brat and my mother meddled as usual and when I told her to keep out of it and mind her own business she sneered, “YOU stay out of it!” and I reminded HER, “They’re MY KIDS!” and someone online called me a “f*cker” as well for supporting the innocent victims in Gaza of the Israeli slaughter and they’re supposed to be a “Christian”,too,and so many so-called “Christians” are supporting Israel no matter what, even as they continue to commit genocide unchecked, and even in Tel Aviv there was a huge Israeli protest against their OWN gov’t, so being against it ISN’T being anti-Semitic; it’s being humane!