My Suntan.

MySuntan This is my suntanned arm. Usually I’m lily-white. I sent this photo to our oldest in Calgary to show him my summer tan( we both like to suntan, and the 13 YR old does as well) and he sent me a photo of his tan progress as well. I love laying out in the sun, it’s relaxing and de-stressing( it’s like free therapy) and I look and feel healthier with a nice deep, golden brown tan, not to mention the obvious health benefits of vitamin D. I certainly look alot better than my usual ghostly sickly white, or like they say in Mandarin Chinese about white people, “Bi- guay”( white ghost) or “Bi-goh- tzu”( white dog). I’ve never been to a tanning bed and I’ve only been to a tanning salon once to try a spray tan; to get a head start before a trip so I wouldn’t be so pale at the beach, but I prefer a natural tan from the sun, and besides, it’s free! As a kid I was always out in the sun and got tanned just by playing outside and then ever since I was 13 I would purposely lay out in the sun to get a suntan. People say it gives you skin cancer but they say everything does, some even say the chemicals in sunscreen gives you skin cancer,too. I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs, though; tanning is my only “vice.”

I also got insulted and blamed online and told it’s my OWN fault why I’m stuck here in a place I hate and can’t move because I can’t afford it and don’t have the $$$ to move and I told them where am I going to get 10 000$ from unless it just falls from the sky and not everyone’s rich, and it’s not that easy, my mother has been slacking off and not doing her share around here and has been passing it off on everyone else and when I said how grocery shopping is one of her jobs she told me to do it instead but when I said to her, “How about then we trade and  I do the grocery shopping  instead and YOU homeschool the kids?” then she shut up, and the 7 YR old ate something spicy and then gasps, “There’s a FIRE in my mouth! Take it OUT!!” I also showed the 11 and 13 YR olds how to lay on your back and spin a sofa cushion on your feet only it was harder than they thought it was and they couldn’t get it to balance right and it kept falling off.

The kids also asked me which ones of them were “accidents” and I told them none of them were “accidents” but rather “surprises” and there’s so many of them and it was so long ago that I don’t even remember, the 7 and 11 YR olds were arguing which one of them was more “important” and the 11 YR old goes, “I’M her FAVOURITE!” the 16 YR old’s driver’s license arrived in the mail and his photo looks like the typical mug-shot: his eyebrows are shooting high up (like a clown) and he has this shocked, surprised look on his face; it’s hilarious and we all cracked up and he’s so embarrassed to show anyone and my mother joked they make it like that on purpose so you’re too embarrassed to get pulled over by the cops, and we had another big storm last night again and alot of people are without electricity and Grand Bend even had a tornado( the 8th of the season in the province so far) and it’s supposed to rain for something like 5 days in a ROW all this week AND it’s cold and windy( 20 C) and feels like fall. For the most part it’s been a really cold summer.