Michael Brown.

MichaelBrown I’ve been following the news story about Michael Brown, the American teen shot and killed in Ferguson Missouri by a white police officer in a predominantly black  neighbourhood. This has been an ongoing issue of racism and racial profiling; that police target, pull over, arrest, shoot, and kill black people far more often than they do white people( and they do it here in this country,too) and there was no reason to shoot this kid,either; he was unarmed and witnesses say he had his arms up in the air as a sign of surrender. There were conflicting reports that he was aggressive towards the cop, yet even if that WAS true that’s still no reason to shoot him even so; just handcuff and arrest him, or in extreme cases  taser him and arrrest him, but don’t shoot him! He was also shot 6 TIMES, as if once wouldn’t be bad enough, incl. on the top of the head( which the coroner said was the kill shot) which would only be possibly if he was laying on the ground, which makes it even more despicable.They’d later reported he had robbed a store as well but at the time the police didn’t even know this when they’d shot him and even if they HAD it’s still no reason to shoot him, just arrest him. Following this outrage there were riots and looting in the streets for days and I can certainly understand Black Rage at such injustice and I understand the protesting but not the looting; there’s no excuse for that but  certainly something needs to be done about authorities targeting black people and other minorities. There is still racism in the deep South( as well as elsewhere) and something needs to be done to stop it and as for Michael Brown I pray there will be justice for him and his family and that the cop that senselessly killed him will be charged with murder.

As well, I saw Patti, who didn’t go up and see her son afterall as the closing on his new house(they move in next month) was just a few days ago and he’s busy but she called him and left him a message about Buddy saying she has a friend ( me) that is interested in taking him but she hasn’t heard back  so I hope it’s not that he’s changed his mind when it gets right down to it and has decided to keep him afterall or that he needs more time to think about it( that would be heartbreaking; the kids are I were so excited!) but rather that he’s just busy and hasn’t had time to get back to her yet, and now I’m feeling tired and my skin is itchy all over so maybe there really IS something going on with my liver again with my liver enzymes elevated, and last time when I had liver failure( when I had  Obstetric Cholestasis 7 YRS ago) I was itching like crazy, tired like a zombie, lost weight, had zero appetite AND was jaundice; both my skin AND the whites of my eyes were yellow but I can’t tell if I’m jaundiced now because I have such a deep dark tan and I’m brown anyway! Before it was in the winter and I was lily white so it was easy to see when I turned yellow!

Hello Kitty.

HelloKittyPink I heard on the news that one of Sanrio’s Hello Kitty creator’s said that she actually isn’t a cat afterall but is supposed to be a little girl! WHAT? Are they KIDDING? She sure looks like a cat with her pointy ears and whiskers, not to mention the fact that her name is KITTY! So here I thought all these YRS ( along with everyone else) that she was a cat….and now this? This is just beyond a total mindf*ck and now it makes me doubt and question everything that I’ve ever thought and believed my entire LIFE. It’s so disillusioning. How can she NOT be a cat and what little girl looks like a  a cat,anyway? This is just plain wrong and it really pisses me off is what it does. I’ve always loved Hello Kitty and when I was a kid I had an entire dresser and shelf full of the stuff; stuffed toys, little drawers, pencils, erasers,stickers, pencil cases, jewellery, etc. and when I lived in California I just LOVED the Sanrio store in the Beverly Center mall; it was my dream store; everything was Hello Kitty! You know, I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing that; why did they have to say that now, after some 37 YRS, that she’s NOT a cat? That was just plain mean.

As well, I had this weird thing on my kneecap under the skin that looked like a tapioca bead and it didn’t itch or hurt and I was able to move it and “chase” it all over and around my knee and I wondered if it might have been a cyst and I showed my mother and my hubby as well, and intended to show it to my doc when I have my app’t to see him next week for my med renewal….but an HR later it was just….gone….so I don’t know if it just maybe popped and dissolved or something on it’s own or perhaps it’s maybe something more sinister, like a blood clot or something that’s in the vein and has travelled  along in the bloodstream and has moved elsewhere? I’m also having a really hard time trying to locate a hippo calendar for 2015 both in stores AND online, and my hubby and 5 of the kids( the teens) are at FanExpo in Toronto( you couldn’t PAY me to go to that nerdfest) and the 16 YR old’s wig he needed for his costume( that he’d ordered from China 2 MONTHS ago) just came yesterday morning, right on time, right before they left,too, talk about last minute, and with any luck we might get Buddy soon as well as Patti said she’s going up to her son’s this long weekend and will be bringing him back with her……ooooh, I sure  hope so…..I get excited at just the thought, at just the possibility….

The Suicide Letter.

Letter(new) My mother got what appears to be a suicide letter from her friend yesterday. She got the shocking news that her husband’s been cheating on her; it started when she was having her most recent surgery and it turns out it’s with a woman she knows,too, a woman who lives in their apartment building and who is now even going around TELLING everyone about their affair( what nerve!) and she even caught them kissing passionately in her hallway,too! Naturally now she feels not only shocked, betrayed, hurt, and devastated, but she’s lost all trust in him now that she’ll never be able to get back( some things just can’t be repaired or undone) wants a divorce and says she doesn’t have anything to live for anymore, wants to die, has started smoking again, and told my mother when she dies she’s told her husband to call her and asked my mother to read him this letter when she does. The letter also sounded like she was saying goodbye, sounding eerily to me like a suicide note. I’ve been there myself; so despondent and on the brink of suicide; I know what it’s like and what it feels like and I’m able to pick up the signals in other people as well and recognize the signs and  I can tell when someone’s planning on killing themselves and I know a suicide note when I see one because I’ve written one myself. I just feel so badly for her and when I found out all I could think of was, “What a f*cking piece of shit!” I’m worried about her and I fear this will be the last letter my mother will see from her and that soon there will be  that dreaded phone call that she has died. She also told my mother in the letter not to call her as her husband listens in. I don’t know her and I’ve never met her but I know they worked together before my mother retired and they’ve kept in touch by writing over the past 11 YRS so I’ve heard about her and all her medical issues and such and I feel so badly for her, plus, having being suicidal many times myself I know what it’s like. I’ll say an extra prayer for her tonight.

As well, I like to think about hippos because hippos make me happy and I want to be happy, and when I told the 13 YR old ( who is a diva, a fashionista, and who loves to shop) I went to the Eaton Centre she was so jealous and said she HAS to go,too, esp. since it’s a REAL shopping mall and has 4 levels, not like the strip malls we have here and even the closest “mall” in the nearest town 20 min. away only has 1 level, so you can’t even compare it; The Eaton Centre is pure shopping heaven, and the 11 YR old saw me reading a book and sighed, “You’re reading AGAIN? I hate it when you read because you ignore me!” Her friend also came over and her family has a baby now; it was seized by Child Welfare from her aunt so now they adopted him.At least he’s still with family though and not in the horrors of foster care.

I was horrified as well to hear on the news a 9 YR old girl shot and killed her instructor at a gun firing range and I thought “Who in their right mind would even let children anywhere NEAR guns?” I just don’t get Americans’ gun culture, and their love and obsession with guns and I never will. It just boggles my mind the gun mentality over there. Our oldest’s friend( since they were teens) is also being recalled from his Mormon mission for medical treatment as he’s severely depressed and having a hard time but they intend on sending him BACK,too, which I wish they wouldn’t; I mean, he’s obviously unhappy there and not doing well; it’s not for everybody, and what if they send him back and he ends up committing suicide or something?( I know someone who did after he returned from his mission) and they put so much pressure on them and act like it’s such a failure and disgrace if they don’t go on a mission or if they have to return and it’s not right.