Next Door.

New pictures (2) Here is a look at the renovations next door, as seen from our back yard. They’re adding an addition on to their house and it’s as big( if not bigger) than their house! They certainly know what they’re doing and it’s coming along really well and looks good! There’s only 3 guys building it and they just started in summer! We had 2 bedrooms and a bathroom added onto our old house and it took FOREVER. Home renovations are a nightmare. It’s ok living next door to it but when it’s you it’s such a nuisance.

Treasure In My Heart.

Buddy5 It’s been like summer here for the past week and into this week ( 25 C or so) like a late summer(which we deserve after we got ripped off having such a cold summer) and I’ve still been able to keep up my summer tan. As I lay out in the sun Buddy snuggles in next to me and  I just want to capture the moment forever; it’s pure HAPPINESS. I’m treasuring this time we have with him in my heart because soon it will be coming to an end; I return him to Patti Thursday evening as we leave for our trip Friday evening ( airport shuttle picks us up and brings us to the airport hotel overnight and we have an early flight out Saturday but have to be at the airport at 4 am and it’s 2 HRS away so we’re going in the night before) and this way it’s less rush. I’m hoping he’ll still be here at Patti’s when we get back a week later; that her son still hasn’t come for him yet and that we can  have him back again. I wish we could keep him forever and he’s enjoying it so much here too he doesn’t seem eager to go back either; he doesn’t want his vacation to end!

It will be so hard to say goodbye; the kids and I just love him so much and have become so attached to him; we wish he could stay. We realize we can’t just keep him though as he’s not ours; he belongs to his owner and even though we DO have more time for him, give him more freedom( they only let him on the main floor, for example, and here he has the run of the house) and he’d be happier here we still have to give him back, but the kids and I are hoping his owners will decide to let him stay(esp. since they were overwhelmed before with him and the new baby) esp. after Patti tells them how well he’s doing here, how happy he is, and how good we are to him. My hubby scoffed, “It’s been a week. Why is he still here?” and I told him they don’t move until Wednesday, and I hope at the least we’ll be able to “dog-sit” him again soon and at the best we hope they’ll let us have him, whether now or sometime later.

The hardest thing about having him here( not really a problem, just more of an adjustment) is on grocery day, making sure when the side door’s open bringing in the groceries from the van that he doesn’t run out the door and when the bags are all over the kitchen floor as he keeps trying to get into them at the food, and on Sundays when I leave for church he misses me like crazy and whines and barks waiting for me at the door until I return.It’s hard when we have a booking for our home business as well as we have to load and unload the equipment and get it out the door and making sure he does’t run out. He’s “claimed” me as his own and I’m his favourite; the one he always follows around, snuggles with, and spends the most time with, and sleeps in bed with at night, and he missed Patti’s dog( who is his best friend and he also always tries to hump) so I asked  if she could come over with her so they could have a “play date” and they did; we visited for a couple of HRS and the dogs frolicked and played and we took them for a walk together, and she said her loser next door neighbours put their house up for sale too so she’ll finally be rid of them,and her hemoglobin’s really low( 8 and should be around 150) and they want her to have a “scope” done like I had to find the source of the bleeding( they found traces of blood in her urine sample) but the idea of it freaks her out and she’s hesitant.

I’m afraid as well that once I get back from my trip and it’s over and if Buddy’s gone; gone back to his owner, that I’m going to crash and burn with my happiness taken away and over, and with nothing left to look forward to anymore to keep me “going” until next summer, esp. having to get thru another winter beforehand, I don’t really think I can do it and it worries me; I don’t want to slip back into that dark place again. As it is now Buddy brings joy to each day but once he’s gone I won’t have that anymore; my joy will be gone and I fear the darkness will return. I also haven’t seen “Cow Cat” in at least 5 days so I wonder if animal control picked it up, and our second oldest( who lives in Japan) is going to South Korea( where my best friend is from!) for a holiday and there was a volcano eruption in Japan,too, and people climbing it were killed and I was worried she might have been there but luckily it wasn’t in her area.