Lev Tahor Latest Update.

LevTahor Now the latest in the religious persecution of the ultra Jewish Orthodox community Lev Tahor is the remaining ones here in Ontario( who had fled persecution from Child Welfare authorities in Quebec previously) have fled to yet another  undisclosed location, to have privacy and freedom from Child Welfare’s constant intrusion, monitoring, supervision,and prying eyes, with only 2 kids still in their “care”( the rest were recently returned to their families) but the authorities are refusing to allow the kids to get passports so they can’t leave the country so the community’s lawyers are in court fighting trying to get this overturned. Meanwhile, the majority of the community had fled to Guatemala( most of them already had American or Israeli passports) awhile ago, fleeing persecution here, but now the tribal elders of that community voted that they leave as they don’t want to assimilate into society; they shun the public schools( they homeschool) and keep to themselves, shunning the community, so now they are leaving to resettle in Guatemala City. I feel badly for these people, clearly victims of religious persecution wherever they go just because they are different, stand out, do things their own way, aren’t mainstream, and don’t go along with society. They are similar to the Amish in a way, shunning secular modern society and are deeply religious and follow their own culture. I say good for them and I think the authorities should just leave them alone. I hope they succeed in getting their kids the passports and that they can all successfully flee this shit-hole Fascist  Police State and settle elsewhere where they will be left alone in peace, free from persecution and bigotry.

As well, we went swimming, probably the last time for the season as the pool guys are coming sometime this week to close up the pool and we ordered a new pool cover called an “Elephant” cover that’s supposed to be super strong and tight and taut so that it won’t sag and collect a “swamp” full of water on the top of the cover, I put up the fall decor ( leaf wreaths, leaf garland and scarecrow) on the outside of the house which I take down 30 October so people won’t wrongly think it’s decorations for “Satan’s Day” on 31 October, and our homeschooling goes back today after summer vacation,too, and one of the 15 YR old’s friend’s went back to school last week but he goes to the French school and they start early, but my cousin in Europe her kids don’t start until later this week, on Thurs.and Fri. but some American blogs I read they started *REALLY* early; in early AUGUST!