The Paradox.

Paradox Here is something that always baffled me, sort of like a paradox:American society itself is very violent, has a high crime rate, is pro-gun and pro-military and pro-war and the American gov’t is certainly Imperialist, war mongering and acts like it thinks it’s the world’s policeman, yet the average American, when you meet them one-on-one are the nicest, friendliest people you could ever meet! How can that be so? How can it be as a society they are arrogant, overbearing, obnoxious, violent, aggressive,and gun obsessed yet as individuals they’re so nice! As well, similarly our neighbour down the street , the fire chief, is a drunken buffoon, sitting naked out on his front lawn yelling at people that walk by and always outside loudly fighting and yelling at his wife, yet he’s a great help to his neighbours; mowing grass for the old people and using his snowblower to clear out driveways for neighbours( incl. us) that don’t have snowblowers and who he sees struggling trying to shovel snow with shovels… how can someone who seems like such a drunken asshole be so nice at the same time? It’s things like these that really blow  my mind and that I just can’t wrap my head around.

As well, I got my pills from the pharmacy and just as I’d suspected my doc DID screw it up…… ended up getting 400 ulcer pills…. but NO diuretic! Seriously, what is WRONG with that guy? WHY is he so STUPID? I can’t even check ahead of time and double-check the prescription as he does it on his computer( turned away from me) and faxes it in to the pharmacy, whereas if it was a traditional prescription on the piece of paper I could check it beforehand and see and have him fix it before I leave! I also got my blood work done and I was in and out in 10 minutes as I’d made an app’t online, I was saddened to hear a blog I follow their daughter( 8 YRS old) has relapsed again for a 3rd time; her brain tumour’s back once again and when I heard that my legs just buckled underneath me and I was practically crying, and I have so much anxiety back again now lately I’ve even started gnawing on my knuckle again which I haven’t done since I was a kid, and we’re to be getting an epic thunderstorm and a neighbour told us he even heard we have a tornado warning,too! I’m also hoping Patti brings Buddy over to us this weekend for our “trial run” but I’m trying not to get too excited or to get too hopeful because whenever I do it never works out; something always goes wrong and it falls thru and I always end up let down and disappointed because that’s how my life’s always been.