Buddy Update.

Buddy3 Here is Buddy with the stuffed sock toy I made for him after he kept biting my socks trying to pull them off my feet! He loves it and tries to undo the knot with his teeth and I also bought him a squeaky toy but he ripped it apart and took out the squeaker and now it’s a chew toy! He’s funny too and picks out the coloured bits in his kibble and leaves the brown ones behind like the kids do picking the marshmallows out of their “Lucky Charms” cereal,likes to play with an empty water bottle,  and greets everyone every morning when they wake up to say hello and the 7 YR old’s not scared of him anymore; he just wasn’t used to dogs and was wary but now he pats him but he gets annoyed when he follows him around or sits there while he’s eating mooching for  food even though that’s what dogs just do.My hubby also thinks having him around is a “problem” when really it’s just an adjustment but well worth it.

He also barks to get my attention when he wants to go outside to go to the bathroom or sometimes he’ll stand at the door and whine, he loves running around free in the yard and loves going for walks,too, and with my breathing problem I can’t walk too far, too long, or too much( like  around the block) but I CAN walk up and down our street and 3 of the girls and I walk him and he’s scared of the fly swatter as well so I think his previous owner (Crazy Kate, who abused him) must have hit him with it, and the kids say he’s the best dog ever and they love him and wish we could keep him forever and so do I; they really enjoy having him around and he makes me so happy and it will be hard when we have to give him back and I’m hoping they’ll decide to let us keep him longer, and its sort of like a vacation; it’s only a week and you have to enjoy it while it lasts and then it’s over but if you’re lucky enough you get to experience it again, and I hope we will be able to watch him again sometime, and perhaps even end up keeping him full time. My hubby growled, “No one invited him” and “*I* was here FIRST!” ( he’s just sooo childish and immature) and I told HIM, “*I* invited him and the rest of US love him, so you’re in the minority!”

The 19 YR old even likes Buddy and plays with him too and refers to him as “the dog you spent all your $$$$ on”( because my asshole hubby’s making me pay a 100$ “fine” as a “penalty” for having a dog in the house when he forbids pets) and the 16 YR old loves him too but said, “How long until you get bored of him?” but I’m so grateful to God for this opportunity; it’s a blessing, a gift,and an answer to my prayer. I chatter away to Buddy as well and he’s such a good companion for me as I’m so lonely and he does wonders for my emotional well-being and for my heart, he brings joy to each day, no matter how hard my hubby tries to ruin it for me. He also says the kids get “being lazy” from me and I told HIM, “They get being redneck from YOU!” (I’m the one always discouraging it!) and to think my friend S said she “envies” me ( as I’ve travelled all over) she has NOTHING to envy; why would anyone want to be ME? *I* don’t even want to be me! I have a life of chronic abuse, neglect, rejection, trauma, stress, bad luck, and misfortune, I’m in an unhappy marriage, my kids hate me, I’m on medication for severe depression, I have a myriad of medical issues, I’m miserable, I hate myself, the way I look, my life, and where I live…

There was also a student stabbed and killed at a highschool in Toronto and it’s not unusual; kids commonly carry weapons and violence is rampant in schools everywhere; another reason why we homeschool. Not that we need reminders but we frequently are given “reminders” as to why we do and why we made the right choice. For us there are no other options. I also wanted to get the new Lenny Kravitz CD but couldn’t find it( not surprised here in “Bumble- F*ck”; you can’t find anything here) so my hubby just illegally downloaded it….I just hope the RCMP don’t show up at our door, but the kids have downloaded so many things, they’d have to give us a family-sized jail cell!