More On Buddy.

Buddy2 Buddy is still doing really well here and we’re really enjoying him. He’s so happy and is always wagging his tail. He loves being outside just like I do and when he gets cold he shivers and shakes like my Chihuahuas used to do and I wrap a blanket around him (I call a “weiner wrap”) and he knows when I’m eating he has to sit and wait patiently and quietly and not beg and then when I’m done I always give him a bit of meat at the end. My hubby’s really mean though and always tells him to get lost whenever he goes anywhere near him and scolded “Get off my foot!” when he wasn’t even on his foot; he was just standing next to him, and he completely ignores him and goes out of his way to be an ass and to be difficult and to create problems where none exists. He won’t let Buddy on his reclining chair in the livingroom and makes me put a blanket down on the couch so when he snuggles next to me there won’t be any “doggie odour” and he always purposely leaves the cellar door open too when he knows I don’t want Buddy to go down there( and I’m always reminding him to close it) because there’s sharp things down there and paint and other poisonous stuff that could hurt him and Patti was even concerned that he might hurt him and was wondering if she should take him back early until I told her that he’s not abusive and wouldn’t hurt anyone; he’s just a big selfish controlling jerk( and he’s always ruining everything for me), and she said it’s likely we can even keep him here another week; for next week as well since his owners are moving into their new house officially Wednesday so we’ll likely return him next Thursday esp. since we leave for the Caribbean Friday evening. The kids and I are so happy; we were hoping we’d get to enjoy him longer than the week and this way I also get my $$$$ worth( having to pay my hubby the 100$ “fine” he’s making me pay him as a “penalty” for having a dog) as well! No matter how hard my hubby tries to take away every chance at happiness I get I’m really enjoying this time with Buddy and he’s not  succeeding this time.