The Problems Of Having Big Boobs.

BigBoobs(new) I HATE my big boobs. Guys like big boobs but when you actually have them and have to live with them 24 HRS a day they are a real pain! When I was 18 I had a breast reduction but after having and nursing 11 kids now they’re even bigger than they were before and I need the surgery re-done again and so far I’ve been waiting since April to hear from the surgeon about the referral and now I’m wondering if it even went thru! Having such huge boobs impairs my life and is nothing but an inconvenience and a real hassle and here’s why:

– Hard to ever find clothes that fit; everything’s always too tight at the chest, buttons always gap open,and there are certain styles that I just can’t wear.

– They bounce so much when I run down the stairs they practically hit me in the face.

– They weigh alot and are very heavy and give me shoulder and  back pain.

– In summer they sweat and I have a red rash and am chaffed underneath them.

– I can’t wear a bra without under wire( which is very uncomfortable) and that costs a small fortune.

– I can never do that game with the kids swimming where we sink down to the bottom of the pool because my big boobs act like flotation devices and keep making me float to the surface.

– Laying on my stomach I have to position myself just so or it feels like I’m laying on 2 melons.

– People stare and might think I’m a whore because I have such huge boobs even though I can’t help it.

– It embarrasses me.

– They hang to my waist.

– I’ve tried to “bind” them down smaller but then it constricts me and I have trouble breathing even more.

– I’m always crossing my arms over my chest to try and “hide” them.

– It makes it next to impossible to find a decent bathingsuit that covers up modestly.

– They knock things over( off a table, counter, dresser, etc.) as I walk by.

– No matter what you can always see my “niblets”; they always show thru, even wearing a bra.

– They must easily weigh 10 pounds each.

– They’re so huge they make me look even fatter.


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