A New Mayor.

JohnTory Toronto now has a new mayor elected: John Tory( seen here) he was running against Doug Ford( current mayor Rob Ford’s brother, who took over running when Rob was diagnosed with cancer) and Olivia Chow. He’s a lawyer and businessman who was the leader of the PC Party and CEO of Rogers. He’s run in elections before and lost but this time he won( so he’s proof of never giving up and that there’s always hope) and I think he’ll make a good mayor; he’s run businesses so he’ll be able to run a city and I’ve always gotten the impression that he’s a nice guy and a class act. He’s always been polite, cultured, refined, respectful, and intelligent,and even during his election campaign he never resorted to smear campaigns against his opponents; he merely stated what his platform was and what he’s going to do but not what the others weren’t going to do and he said now as mayor he’ll listen to and be respectful of all city councillers and even graciously offered positions to his former rivals. I’ve always liked him. I think he’ll do a good job and comes from a wealthy and good background and doesn’t have any scandals or anything that will embarrass the city and I think he will represent it well.

As well, my cousin’s wife with cancer is still holding on( although she still is dying) and the brain tumour has now caused her to lose her hearing and her sight and she’s unable to move her extremities and it’s just all so tragically sad, and it was 20 C 2 days ago but now they say we might get flurries or even snow tomorrow or Saturday, and when my hubby saw me resting on the couch after I took Buddy out for a walk he goes, ” Why are you STILL sick? You got your pills!” but I’ve only been on the antibiotics for a couple of days; it does take awhile and having an infection takes alot out of you too; all I want to do is sleep, and he always snickers to the kids that I’m a “drug addict” too because I’m on so many pills ( 7 or 8 different ones now I think; I’ve lost count) even though they’re all prescribed by doctors and none of them are addictive or habit forming and I do need them and they really help. He can just f*ck off!

My hubby also complains about always having to shut the cellar door( so Buddy doesn’t go down there where there’s paint , sharp and poisonous things) and groused, “It’s only because of the dumb dog!” but actually it’s because of dumb HIM; HE’S the one who always leaves the door open and HE’S the only one who has a problem with the dog and always like to make an issue over everything, and I’m hoping his owner doesn’t ever come back to pick him up either but just leaves him here with us and my mother said she thinks he’ll end up with us for good one way or another; either he won’t pick him up or even if he does that he won’t last too long there and we’ll end up getting him back…..oh, I sure hope so; he’s changed my life and makes me so happy I never want it to end.

My Adventure.

ER I had an unexpected adventure! My fever woke me up at 2 am and kept me awake and the 11 YR old felt my forehead and said I was burning up and I still have the alternating chills and sweats, headache, sore throat and ears and now the lymph nodes in my neck are really enlarged and sore so made an app’t to see my doc as it’s been 3 weeks and if it was just a virus it would have resolved itself by now and no one else is sick in the house so it’s not anything contagious ( like a cold, the Flu, or Strep) and I’m not one to run to the doctor  with every little sniffle but with the swollen glands it would signify a disease or infection which would need to be treated so I got the app’t but then 5 minutes later they called back and said since I was recently out of the country I’d have to go to the ER instead and be put in isolation, not exactly how I expected to spend my day, and I don’t have frickin’ Ebola or anything; it’s been 5 YRS or so since I’ve been to Africa! Luckily I went at the right time as I was in and out in just 90 minutes instead of the usual 6 HR wait. I did have to wear one of those Michael Jackson-style masks though.

The doctor at the hospital was good though and she said they’re overdoing it about the Ebola scare( I agree and it reminds me of the AIDS scare in the 80’s where people thought you could catch it from a toilet seat or water fountain,etc.) making people unnecessarily paranoid and fearful and that it’s NOT protocol for family doctors to refuse to see patients because they’ve travelled out of the country; that they’re not supposed to be re-directing them to the ER(I’m not surprised though; I always knew my doc was useless but the good thing is at least I didn’t have to see him; he makes me feel uneasy) and they never took blood or anything but listened to my chest and back and looked into my ears and throat and she said she thinks it’s a bad sinus infection( which my mother’s father and his sister were prone to as well) and I got antibiotics but said if it still doesn’t get better to have my doc follow up with blood work, incl. Malaria and Dengue Fever. She said if I had Malaria I’d  be really sick but when I had liver failure they said the same thing,too; I didn’t”look or act” “sick enough” and they didn’t believe me when I told them I thought I had it  and they sent me home and then a couple of days later they called my doc; the blood work came back positive; I’ve always been like that; I can be really seriously ill or in a great deal of pain but I don’t show it and you can’t tell from looking. Even my hubby is always surprised when I’m sick how I still do my work; I still do homeschooling lessons, I still cook, I still walk the dog, etc. I just rest in-between, not like him, when he’s sick he lays in bed all day! My mother also said she thought if I had to be admitted into the hospital she’d have to give Buddy back to Patti if I wasn’t here to take care of him but that would be the worst thing she could do; if I’m sick he’s the best medicine, snuggling beside me in bed; he’s so good for me and makes me so happy and I’d need him even more and I’d figured if it was something(like cancer) and I’m dying at least I was happy in my last few weeks; I went to the Caribbean and I had Buddy to bring me joy.

As well, the 11 YR old urged me to go to Confession (so I did) as she “caught” me oogling hot firemen in Speedos on the Internet( they showed up in my newsfeed on Facebook from a friend’s page) and my eyes were bugging out of my head( it wasn’t porn though; they weren’t naked; they were just HOT) and as I was confessing it I could hear the priest trying hard to muffle his laughter on the other side of the partition between us and my only penance was to say a prayer for someone who really annoys me ( I chose my hubby) and I was disillusioned and disappointed too to find out that the Jos Louis snack cakes that I THOUGHT were a light chocolate are actually RED VELVET!!! I’ve been deceived all these YRS! The 11 YR old kept telling me that she thought they were and I thought it was chocolate…..so I Googled it and she was right! Now I’m just disgusted and royally pissed off. I feel cheated and tricked.

The Birthday Lunch.

ChineseFood Patti invited me  to come to her birthday lunch in December at a Chinese restaurant ( so I guess I am considered a friend now afterall and not just a neighbour , and I’m grateful to God for bringing her ( and Buddy) into my life; I really needed a friend but it’s also with 2 of her other friends as well who I don’t know and I’ve never met and therein lies the problem and my dilemma: I would LIKE to go ( and I’m flattered that she asked me) but with my Asperger’s and Social Phobia I’ll be extremely panicked and nervous to be in such close proximity with people I don’t know AND to be expected to talk to them(I never know what to say or what to add to conversations), plus Patti doesn’t KNOW about my Asperger’s and Social Phobia,either,(I’ve been hiding it for fear she’ll reject me if she finds out and won’t like me anymore) and I really don’t have the $$$$ to pay for my lunch at a restaurant; it’s an extra expense I can’t afford( or have the $$$$ to buy a gift,either) so I’m not sure what to do about it and if I DO go how to handle the situation( where to find the $$$$ to pay for this unforeseen expense, and how to try and stay calm and socialize and NOT have a full-blown panic attack and expose my secret in the process) and if I don’t go how I should explain it to Patti. I’m really not sure what I should do and I’m confused….

As well, my hubby turned 51 and he actually blackmailed the kids into making birthday cards for him ( they don’t for me either except for the 11 and 13 YR olds) otherwise he said he wouldn’t drive them anywhere for a whole YR ( so they did) he always blackmails everyone to control them and to get them to do what he wants, incl. me. The glass on our outdoor patio table on the pool deck also shattered and broke into a million pieces and what I think must have happened was the other day when we had that bad wind it must have violently blown over the umbrella over on to the table and broke it, and it’s all over the national news a radio talk show host was fired for doing something called BDSM and I never even heard of him( I don’t listen to lame Canadian programming or talk shows) and had no idea what BDSM was either so I had to Google them both and all I can say about that is oh, my….I think people’s private life is their own business though unless it’s illegal or hurting others.

When I came back from church Buddy was overjoyed to see me as usual and he also sniffed my clothes as if he was checking to make sure that I wasn’t “cheating” on him with another dog, and I used to make fun of this neighbour who would chatter away to his Basset Hounds like they were people and I would always laugh and make jokes about it….but now I’ve become that guy; I’m always talking  to Buddy  and I never want it to end and I now sort of see his owner as a “rival” and I’m secretly hoping that if and when they take him back that he’ll miss us so much that he’ll whine endlessly for us and that they’ll get so annoyed they’ll just return him to us for good and we can keep him forever. He also helps me venture out more and be a bit more social as I walk him as I come across other people along the way and they’ll sometimes stop to talk and  he’s my only source of happiness as well and I just don’t want to lose it.