The Reindeer.

Reindeer Neighbours around the corner have what I THOUGHT was a cool reindeer topiary; it looked like the ones pictured here only covered in green….except at night it lights up in white lights and I was aghast! I didn’t know it was one of those tacky light-up things! Topiaries are nice and classy but then it crossed the line having lights on it! My hubby, however, thinks the tackier and gaudier the better. He wants everything to be as lit up as possible, like our outdoor Christmas lights on the house every YR he keeps on adding more and more and there’s so many now it takes an entire month to put up every YR and looks like Snoopy’s doghouse and is so lit up I bet you can see it from space! The kids like to torment me with the tacky decorations on the Christmas tree,too, which I always hide at the back of the tree when no one’s looking, and whenever I hear the organ and chimes it reminds me of when I was a kid at Christmas as we had this organ and chimes record and I prefer the traditional Christmas music as well; the Latin ones or sung opera-style,and when I hear certain Christmas carols I think of Christmases in the 1800’s.

The 16 and 20 YR old’s also went to a big jiu-jitsu tournament and the 16 YR old won a gold medal, my cramps are so bad and I’m soaking thru a tampon every HR, but “Aunt Flow” is 10 days late so it’s alot worse, and Patti told me she actually watches the Kardashians and The Bachelor on TV and I told her, “Oh, Patti, you DON’T! Are you serious?” I can’t believe she’d watch crap like that (I watch more “high brow” stuff like “Criminal Minds”) and she even said the KarTRASHians “aren’t that bad” and I reminded her, “Are you KIDDING? The only reason they’re famous is for making a SEX TAPE! They’re whores!” She also said that even if we do end up keeping Buddy for good her son would still likely want to keep “official ownership” of him on the microchip, so it would still be his name and address on there, but I don’t care what it says on the microchip info; as long as here’s here with us that’s what matters and if he’s here with us full time he’ll be ours for all intents and purposes,and besides, it could also work in our favour,too: if we get caught without a dog license and get hit up for one it’ll be HIM as the legal owner that will have to pay for it and NOT us!

The 13 YR old’s friend is going to the Maritimes for 2 weeks over Christmas to visit her grandparents as well and they get to take a military plane which I think is cool and not something that most of us get to do, and she had 2 friends over and they MADE lipstick using some scientific formula using crayons and Vaseline, and the 15 YR old went skating with friends. A friend also said she doesn’t want HER kids to move away from home but I can’t WAIT for MINE to leave, and if our oldest took a train up to visit from Edmonton we found out it would take 3 DAYS and cost 1000$ so flying’s the only way but we have to figure out where 600$ is going to come from, and I found out a Facebook “friend” of mine is a “troll” and a hacker as well and she hacks into other people’s accounts! I have noticed that she gets really aggressive and nasty if anyone disagrees with her but I have to say that I never saw THIS coming!

Our Tree.

XMasTree2014 We put up our Christmas tree but only 2 of the kids ( the 2 youngest) bothered to help me so I ended up doing most of the work by myself and now my poor back is KILLING me( from bending over) and it pisses me off; it’s a family tradition and they couldn’t be bothered and couldn’t care less. They said they like to look at it but not to bother doing the work decorating it and I’m the only one that ever ends up doing the job of taking it down. We used to get real trees but ever since that incident a few YRS ago where the water all overflowed and left a permanent stain on the hardwood floor now we have an artificial tree. I was worried that Buddy might pee under it thinking it’s a real tree but he’s been ok. I love Christmas trees and the lights; it reminds me of happy childhood Christmases  and my fondest memories of them aren’t the gifts that I got(I can only remember a couple of them) but the relatives I spent them with; my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, most of whom are dead now. I hope that we are making the same happy Christmas memories for OUR kids,too,that they will treasure in their hearts  as well. I also remember getting my Advent calendar and Pfeffernusse cookies at the German deli, a tradition I passed down to my own kids as well.

As well, the 11 YR old baked lemon tarts….but I ended having to help her and do 90% of it, and “Aunt Flow” DID come afterall, 10 days late( the longest it’s ever gone was 14 days late before) and I was HOPING it had stopped for good but no such luck, I saw somewhere that in Ireland they don’t even have to pay for water, unlike HERE where OUR water  bill is around 300$ on average, our oldest in Edmonton found a temporary job doing finance and he got 40 cm of snow, and when the 15 YR old got back from her dance class ( she rides her bike there and back) she said a “murderer almost got her” and I had a shit-fit but it turned out it was an “invisible” murderer; it was just a “joke” and I told her to NOT “joke” about things like that; I almost had a heart attack!

The mice seem to be solving the problem of themselves by themselves as every time a new mouse enters into the trap we set up under the kitchen sink in the cupboard the one mouse EATS all the others that come in, sparing us having to worry what to do with all these live mice we catch, and Buddy got into Patti’s Christmas gift which was in a bedroom closet but luckily I found him before he could chew it apart, the little sneak, so now the gifts are safely hidden in the suitcases where he can’t get at them, and he’s tearing around the house and playing, back to his usual self again, too, and we visited Patti, who said she doesn’t think her son really wants him back and it’s his wife that would be home with him all day and she doesn’t like him so that’s good news for us because we want to keep him! He’s my everything and I really love that little dog so much!!! I met 3 of Patti’s kids so far,too, and they don’t seem very nice, and when she asked one to drive her to a store to buy something for her cane he snapped, “I have to WORK!” and it was just the WAY he said it, and I’m so glad God brought her into my life; I needed a friend and now I’m not lonely anymore and He gave us Buddy too when I prayed for a dog!


Hitler The Artist.

HitlerPaintings I was surprised to see on the news that Hitler was a talented painter! I remember hearing YRS ago that he was a painter but I thought they meant a HOUSE painter, not an ARTIST! I was doubly shocked to see that he was talented,too, and his works were actually quite good! He painted in watercolour and mainly painted architecture such as buildings and bridges but also did dogs and things but rarely people. He did his works  about 30 YRS before WWII and painted hundreds of works. He could have had a promising career as a painter but had trouble selling them and was only ever able to sell a few postcards that he painted and was rejected from the Vienna art school despite having obvious talent. It’s too bad though; too bad he didn’t stick with the artist thing instead of going with the dictator thing, the world would have been alot better off! If he had been accepted at the art school and been able to pursue his dream as an artist it would have changed the entire course of world history. It really makes you think though, how one decision(or rejection) can not only determine and alter one person’s life course and destiny but others’ as well, and how it can cause this “ripple” effect, be it for bad or for good, and how the outcome can be changed entirely.

As well, it’s been 9 days overdue and “Aunt Flow” STILL hasn’t come so hopefully it HAS stopped now for good, our  oldest in Edmonton said he’s getting 40-60 cm of snow and all of ours has melted away, and luckily Buddy seems to be feeling better today; he’s eating again and just had  one ca-ca( but it was mucus-y and soft) and is back to wagging his tail again and being more like his usual cheery self and I’m so relieved as I was so worried! I didn’t sleep well, worried about him and kept waking up during the night checking on him making sure he was ok and I was so scared I’d wake up and find him dead laying beside me in bed and I would be so gutted! If he died it would be even worse than his owner taking him back as I’d *NEVER* see him again; at least if his owner took him back I could still visit or maybe even get him back again but if he died he’d be gone forever and I’d NEVER see him again!

Buddy also jumped up on to my hubby’s lap as he was sitting in his reclining chair as we all just held our breath and had a horrified shocked look on our faces, waiting to see what he’d do…..but he just sort of smiled and goes, “Uh…..excuse me….what are you doing?” and gently put him back down onto the carpet….and the poor dog looked crestfallen and slinked back over to me for a cuddle. The 20 YR old said I’ve always been fat, ugly, and old as well and I told him I’ve always been ugly but I haven’t always been fat and old; I USED to be thin and young once but he just laughed, and when I’d mentioned how people usually have SOMETHING; if they’re fat then they’re pretty, or if they’re not pretty then they’re smart, etc. but I don’t have anything going for me and I got the “short end of the stick” in everything; I’m NOT smart, pretty,thin OR talented, and then my mother said, “No, YOU’RE not but your KIDS are, so that should be good enough.” Wow, she really knows how to make me feel “better”, doesn’t she?  I told her, “How does that help ME struggling thru life? It didn’t help me when I was a kid and it doesn’t help me now.That’s them, not ME.”

Poor Buddy.

Buddy29 Poor Buddy. I think he either must be sick or ate something that’s making him not feel good because the poor dog has diarrhrea and isn’t his usual self.Luckily his nose IS still cold and wet though. He’s not eating and he’s just laying around. The odd time he’ll also open and close his mouth almost like a gag(but I looked in his mouth and didn’t see anything in there) and  he’ll yelp. I don’t know if he swallowed something and it got stuck, or if he ate something he shouldn’t have off the floor or outside, or if he has a virus, but he obviously doesn’t feel well, and he had diarrhrea twice, hence the diaper I put on him( and he hates which you can see by the look on his face) when he’s indoors for accidents. My hubby’s suspicious that he’s already had one but I’m not saying anything either way( even if he did do you think I’d ever tell HIM?) but you can’t blame a guy for having diarrhrea though; it’s like barfing; you can’t help it and don’t always make it to the bathroom, or in his case, outside. I’m really worried about him though and hope it isn’t anything serious and that he isn’t going to DIE or anything( that would just destroy me) and that he’ll be better by tomorrow…

As well, we caught 3 mice in the trap under the kitchen sink in the cupboard but 2 of them ATE the other one and then later on there was only one left; the second one had also died and the lone survivor also ate him! It’s so gross and why do they have to do that,though when there’s still lots of peanut butter bait left in the trap?The 13 YR old also said she’s going to send her kids to public school as she’s “not smart enough” to homeschool them and I said anything you do homeschooling they’d STILL be smarter than going to public school(and if *I* can do it ANYONE can !) and if she really cared about her kids she wouldn’t send them there with the State indoctrination, sex, violence, drugs, gangs, Political Correctness, lack of proper education, bad influences, mocking of religion, etc. and I reported porn I saw on Facebook( it was a totally naked couple having sex) one of my friends had and that showed up in my newsfeed as it’s not appropriate and I was hoping they would remove it…..but they actually said it DOESN’T “violate their community standards” ! Can you BELIEVE that? Then I guess nothing DOES, or else they don’t HAVE any standards! If they allow porn then I guess anything goes.