“Ketchup” Post.

Ketchup(Nov) Catching up on everything:

– While I was walking Buddy a female taxi driver with blonde dreadlocks stuck her head out the window and called out to me, “Where did you get that cute Rasta hat?” and when I told her, “The Caribbean!” she goes, “You’d think they’d have the sense to start selling them here by now!”

– Buddy makes my whole heart happy.

– My hubby heard me running water in the bathtub and thought I was taking a bath and came in trying to take a peek ( free show!) but I was just bathing the DOG instead, ha, ha!

– The 11 Y old’s on this e-mail penpal group online and a 42 YR old MAN asked her to be his penpal…..can you say PERVERT and PEDOPHILE? Of course she declined and blocked him. Could he be any *more* obvious though? Ewwwww!

– I’m still stuffy with my sinus infection even after a few days on the antibiotics and I heard that sinus infections can even progress into meningitis or a brain abscess if it “eats” into the brain. I never knew that. Gross.

– My cousin’s wife with the brain tumour/cancer is worsening and she could die any day now. So sad…..

– We’re supposed to get SNOW today and one of my cousin’s already got quite a bit yesterday!

– I was mentioning about this hot guy how he could drill into me like an oil well and plug me up good and I’d drain him like a swimming pool and the 11 YR old heard me!

– Today would have been my father’s birthday.

– It RAINED all day yesterday on “Satan’s Day”, dampening it for all the Satanists and other occultists, ha, ha, ha!

– I decided to go to Patti’s birthday at the restaurant afterall and my mother said she’d  just “advance” me the $$$$ to pay for my dinner and her gift; I’d just pay her back a bit at a time over months.

– My hubby still charges me 20$ for each week I have Buddy( as a “fine”) but it’s worth it because he just makes me so happy and 20$ a week is a small price to pay for happiness.