Tacky Lights.

ChristmasLights My hubby started  to put up the outdoor Christmas lights yesterday since we have so many and it takes so long to do; it takes weeks to get them all up and running and he only has Sundays free to do it. So far he’s done a bit of the front porch and part of the upper floor balcony. He also got these new ones that are sooo gaudy and tacky: some sort of icicle things that hang down and some sort of tree thing that look like branches with light bulbs on them. My, God, they’re hideous-looking things and I was just horrified when I saw them and I just hope that someone steals them(and they steal everything around here and last YR someone did try to steal our lights)! I don’t know what it IS about him and tacky stuff though; for him the tackier the better but it mortifies me( he thinks the giant inflatable Santa and reindeer are “cool”; I think they’re God-awful) and I prefer classic, traditional decorations and nothing overdone but he always goes waaay overboard and the lights on our house looks like Snoopy’s doghouse!

As well, I was watching a movie and there was a scene where someone yelled, “Just eat the f*cking fish!” and right at that point the 20 YR old walked in with a plate of fish so I said to him, “Just eat your f*cking fish!” and we cracked up laughing, and so far so good: we still have Buddy so we likely will  for the entire week( and I hope forever!); his owner still  hasn’t mentioned about taking him back yet and it was so cold yesterday it was – 1 C but felt like – 4 C and I wore my heavy wool sweater and hat and he froze his balls off while out for his walk and pulled me back into the house only half way and refused to go for the entire walk he was so cold! It’s just amazing too how much joy he brings me each day and who’d ever think that a dog could make me so happy but he just “gets” me and loves me unconditionally. In church someone’s perfume also smelled like skunk and a lady I used to talk to but has avoided me for months tapped me on the shoulder yesterday and asked me if I had my surgery yet…..except I had it 2 YRS ago!!! She must be getting senile in her old age or something….

I also leave you with one of my fave. Bible verses:


Lamentations 3:17

A Reading from the Book of Lamentations:

My soul is deprived of peace,
I have forgotten what happiness is;
I tell myself my future is lost,
all that I hoped for from the Lord.