The Bag.

Mailbag We got the biology book ( university biology book for the 16 YR old’s online course, used for 35$ as opposed to new for 200$) that we ordered online delivered in the mail and look at the huge bag they sent it in! How hilarious is that? As you can see the size difference I placed the book itself in the middle so you can see the comparison in size. Why on earth did they ship it in such a huge bag? Is it some enviro-freak thing or what? I don’t know why they didn’t just ship it wrapped in a smaller wrapper( which it ALSO came in, inside the bag!) it was so funny and when my mother opened the door and first discovered it on the front porch she saw this huge bag sitting there and at first she thought it was some sort of prank; that someone had left shit in a bag on our doorstep or something! It was just the one book in the bag,too, nothing else. Going a bit overboard, don’t you think? In any case, all of us got a good laugh out of it!

As well, I put the Christmas decorations up in the house  and no, I don’t think it’s too “early”; it’s November already and Christmas IS just  next month, and besides, I love Christmas and the Christmas season and the Christmas spirit so this way we get it sooner and it lasts longer and there’s a music channel on the TV that’s already playing all Christmas music and the stores are selling Christmas stuff  and before long we’ll soon have snow! It’s also soooo windy and we have some storm clouds there must be a hurricane or something nearby, and I finally got my Bob Marley 2015 wall calendar and it took forever to find it after looking all over and I was beginning to think I’d have to order it online but then I’d have to pay for shipping and that would cost as much as the calendar! My hubby also told me that the kids don’t like me posting about them on my blog, broadcasting about their personal lives for the world to see but it’s all anonymous; it’s not like I use names or anything and no one knows who we are; I just document the lives of myself and my family and our struggles.

The 20 YR old also told me his friend thought I was his GRANDFATHER and when the 13 and 15 YR old were out with their friends and they saw me walking Buddy from a short distance ahead they said, “Who’s that homeless old guy walking the dog?” and then as they got a closer look, “Oh, nevermind, it’s Mama!” It’s so depressing and I HATE being ugly, old, and masculine-looking,and it’s not just because I’m bald, either; even before when I HAD hair I still looked like  a man in drag. It’s bad enough people think I’m a man but an OLD man? That’s even more insulting! The arthritis in Buddy’s hip is bothering him again as well and he always has to know where I am at all times and follows me around and keeps track of me, even when I’m in the bathroom; he’ll poke his nose in the door and open it and come in and peek and then he’ll go out and sit outside the bathroom door and wait for me, and what I want for Christmas this YR is to be able to keep him for good; that his owner doesn’t come back for him but just leaves him here  and lets him stay with us forever…