BS8 “Get me outta here!”

BS9 Where did summer go?

BS10 This is cool!

BS11 I can’t believe it’s November already!

As well, I had a weird dream that I was feeding a cat a fish and it tried to eat me; it was biting my face off! The 13 YR old also went swimming ( indoors!) with her BFF, and as for my hubby “fining” me 20$ as “punishment” for each week I keep Buddy she says “You can’t put a price on love!” and I caught my hubby giving him the Evil Eye again,too, and he kept barking at him in response, telling him off( good for him!) and the “Rich Lady” was in church again and I was right in giving her that name: she had a purse that said “Harrod’s” on it and as we all know it’s a VERY ritzy expensive store and I went there when I was in London and a belt I wanted to buy was 700$! I admire her; she’s so stylish and sophisticated and I like to make up little stories about her inside my head,too, and I bet her and her husband probably own most of the businesses in this town, I mean, why ELSE would they be living in a shit-hole like this otherwise? The kids also like to torture me by singing “Oh, Canada!” and my mother tripped and fell twice; incl. once down the stairs because she never looks where she’s going and when I mentioned it she scoffed, “Leave me alone!” and when I said I’m just trying to understand it she barked, “YOU don’t HAVE to understand it!”