My Damaged Uncle.

WWII Did I ever tell you about my Great Uncle V, who was damaged by WWII? V was my father’s uncle, my grandmother’s youngest brother( out of her 5 brothers and she was the oldest, and the only girl) He was strikingly handsome( he looked like James Dean!) and gifted at piano. He was also my grandmother’s favourite. He was married to Aunt T who was also my fave. aunt and they had 3 kids. I’ve never seen him myself or met him personally as by that time he was so broken he was locked away but I’ve heard about him. He was by all accounts normal and had a promising life and future…until he went off to WWII that is. He was fortunate to survive( or was he? When he returned he was never the same) but it changed his life forever; the things he saw, and must have done scarred him forever and he was so damaged when he returned that he began drinking and ended up going insane, so much so that one day he tried to kill his wife and son. He spent the last several decades of his life in a mental hospital where he eventually died. THIS is what war does to people; no good ever comes from war. Not only is it bad for the innocent civilians it kills, leaves widows and orphans, homeless,and refugees, but it’s not good for the soldiers,either, who are either killed or who return home a “shell” of their former selves and can’t transition back to normal life and are haunted by their ordeal  and either end up alcoholics, junkies, insane, or homeless. Look what happened to my uncle. A family torn apart and a life destroyed and it’s not uncommon.

As well, we got our first light “dusting” of snow yesterday( but then it all melted after) I accidently ate dog food; the 13 YR old was baking cookies and I ate a dog kibble which I thought was a similar-looking chocolate chip and I popped it into my mouth…it was horrible and then I quickly spat it out. It was so gross! I don’t know how Buddy can even eat that( but then again he’s a dog and he licks his ass,too) and Buddy’s gained weight since we’ve had him; when he first came he was so skinny you could see his ribs and spine and his hip bones were jutting out but now he’s 13 1/2 pounds so he’s gained over 2 pounds! We fattened him up! I always make sure his food dish is full ( kibble with roast drippings or bacon fat mixed in, and I also feed him meat once a day,too) We’re fortunate as well we were only supposed to have him for a week and it’s ended up to be 2 months so far…

When the 20 YR old said I’m a “bad” mother the oldest told me to just ignore him and that HE thinks I’m a good mother and he said he’s seen lots of bad mothers and that I’m not a bad one….he has no idea how much I really needed to hear that and how much it meant to me. Maybe it’s not true then afterall and the 20 YR old’s just being a dick? I also saw on the news that this stupid country charges a 300% import tariff on dairy products which pisses off our trade partners ( yeah, I guess it would!) as it always over regulates everything, being the Fascist Police State that it is, and always discourages foreign trade and foreign investment as well as being anti-immigration; they let some immigrants in but then are racist and hateful to them and have all sorts of roadblocks to them finding meaningful employment and it’s not uncommon to see a doctor end up a taxi driver or an engineer working at a restaurant, for example, and they limit the number of immigrants from “undesirable” nations, too, such as blacks and Arab nations. They also refuse refugees health care and have jailed them without charge for months or even YRS. I hate this place so much. If I had a dick it could suck it.