Pierce My Ears.

Earrings The 13 YR old got her ears pierced for a second time. The first time was in Antigua 3 YRS ago. I got my second set of earrings when I was in grade 7 and she’s in grade 8. At one point I had 3 holes in each ear and one in the upper cartilage on one side but they got infected so I let them close up so now I’m back to the original two plus the nose piercing that I did myself when I was 20, before it even became a fad. I’ve always been ahead of my time!

Girl’s Night Out.

mall Yesterday the 13 and 11 YR olds and I went shopping at a small mall at a nearby town. It only has 1 floor of stores so not much of a mall but it’s the best thing we have around here and it’s only about 20 minutes away. We dumped my hubby off somewhere and we looked around. The 13 YR old got a second set of ear piercings(like I have) and got the earrings in her birthstone gem and both got grab bags/surprise bags at “Ardenes”. I also got a Dachshund calendar for the diningroom so in case we don’t get to keep Buddy this will be a reminder of him and even if we do it still looks like him. I also got Buddy an orange knitted sweater for the cold of winter and we looked around the clothing stores, the Christmas decorations, the toys, all the stores that sell body lotions, creams, sprays, make up, soaps, and all those things that smell sooooo good! We smelled them all and tried on the tester samples.Most of them were good but a few smelled like feet! The 11 YR old bought a new game for her 3DS as well and the 13 YR old saw lots of things that she wanted to buy except she’s broke.

We had lots of fun and the 11 YR old said I sounded just like a teenage girl but I told her females NEVER “outgrow” their love of shopping and looking around the mall. My mother really tore into me for “spending $$$$ I don’t have” even though I really didn’t spend THAT much and sometimes you have to get stuff,and besides, I hardly ever shop, I hardly ever even go OUT,and what can SHE say when SHE took out a 5000$ loan to pay for our trip when we don’t have the $$$$? She’s not really one to talk!Can’t she just let me enjoy myself for ONCE and not ruin it for me? Girl’s night out was so much fun and we don’t get to do it often enough.