First Snow!

16Nov2014 We got our first official snowfall yesterday! We have a few cm on the ground now and everything’s all covered in white, more than the light dusting we got the other day. Here’s a photo I took from our street as seen from the front. Later on it was coming down quite heavy as we were coming out of church. I had to go and get my winter boots and put them on; I still had them up in my room!

Buddy16 Buddy HATES the cold and the snow! When he first saw it out for his morning walk he just froze standing there like, “What the hell HAPPENED?” he was walking very slowly and gingerly, not liking his paws wet and cold and he kept shivering, despite the new wool sweater I got him( seen here) and only went for a small walk, half the length of his usual, and later he didn’t even WANT to go out for his walks( and he normally LOVES his walks and when I ask him if he wants to go out he comes bounding over, happy, tail wagging) and I even had to carry him outside, down the steps, out of the driveway and plunk him onto the grass to go to the bathroom! I tried to get him to walk but he resisted and stubbornly pulled back on the leash and led me back inside! There’s no way he was having any of that! He was just in and out as quickly as he could! Poor guy. He’s definitely not one of those dogs that loves the snow and rolls around in it, that’s for sure! He just looked so stricken. That’s how alot of PEOPLE think about winter,too!!

As well, yesterday I oddly slept in “late”, until 9:30 am because I was just really tired and my back really hurt( it has for the past few days) and besides, it was the weekend and there’s no school or any reason I have to get up early anyway( we normally have church in the evening) but both my mother and hubby were worried that I was dead or something because it’s so unlike me; I’m usually up really early all the time, but they still didn’t come in to check on me ( they just waited until I got up to ask me if everything was ok) because Buddy sleeps in my bed with me and if they came in he’d probably bite them defending me from intruders, and the other day at 10 pm he must have heard a noise or something as he suddenly bolted up out from under the covers and jumped off the bed and stood by the door barking and woke me up only for a few seconds then he jumped back up and went back to bed so I guess it was nothing afterall but he’s a good guard dog and he barks whenever anyone comes to the door,too, and he doesn’t like yelling or  deep loud voices.

The 13 YR old did a confession in church as well  and the priest asked her if she watches porn on the Internet and she goes, “No! I’m not interested in THAT!” it’s weird though as he never asks me and didn’t ask the 11 YR old so it’s not like it’s a question he asks everyone and the 16 YR old said he knows 3 teen girls who are pregnant,too,incl. “Klepto’s” sister, all in the public highschool so I shouldn’t be surprised; they’re all skanky ‘ho’s so what do you expect from a place like this though? Rednecks start having babies young. Yet another reason why I’m glad we homeschool ( and why we do; to avoid the bad influence of public school) and the school here is known as the worst in the county for teen pregnancies, drugs, and gangs as well… surprise here. What a bunch of losers.