Buddy26 Buddy went AWOL this morning, sort of. At 6 am I let him out in the yard to go pee first thing in the morning like I always do (I don’t walk him at that time as it’s still dark out) and afterwards he ran into the house(in the dark) as he always does(as I was taking my pills) and when I got back up into my bed he wasn’t there! Normally he runs back up the stairs and into my bed and burrows back under the covers but this time he wasn’t there, so I figured he’d just went into the 11 YR old’s RM beside mine and was snuggling in with her so I left my bedroom door open for him and went back to bed and sure enough an HR later he comes waltzing into my room, hops up onto my bed and burrows in! Then when I got up my hubby told me that he’d snuggled up next to HIM, so I don’t know if he thought he was me(it was dark,afterall) or if he decided to go there because that’s where the heater was, but either way he didn’t kick him out or shove him off, and I eventually figured out where he was that time he was MIA!

I can tell my hubby has “warmed” to him now as well and I think he maybe even secretly likes him although he’d never admit it as to do so would also be to admit that he’s wrong and that I was right but I’ve caught him laughing at things he does and he no longer tells him to “Get lost!” or “Go away!” like he used to and he used to refuse to say hello to him or acknowledge him but now I actually CAUGHT him being NICE to him; he came inside and Buddy ran over to him, tail wagging, in a greeting,and he said to him, “I ALREADY ‘ hello-ed’ you!” and when I said “Aha! I KNEW it! You LIKE Buddy!” he used the excuse that the cold meds made him “delirious!” He should just give it up. Buddy’s so sweet, affectionate and irresistible *everyone* loves him, and when he saw me on the couch he bounded over, running quickly, and leaped into my arms,practically flying, tail wagging and thumping,and kept licking my face.I just love that little guy so much and he makes me so happy. His owner sees him as a burden but I see him as a blessing.

I also went over to Patti’s and her rheumatoid arthritis is really bad and she can hardly move so I took her dog out for a walk as well( with Buddy) and she’s seeing her son( Buddy’s owner) later today and will discuss the situation with him to see if and when he’s taking him back or if he’ll leave him here with us permanantly ending all the uncertainty hanging over us( so at least we’ll know) and her feeling is he’ll probably  end up letting us keep him but maybe take him for a “trial run” over a weekend to see how he does at their new house if he’s still destructive and having accidents or not, but nothing has changed; the house is new but the situation is still the same; they still have the baby and no longer have the time and attention for him like they used to and he’s jealous and acting out. I hope so much we can keep him; that would be my greatest wish.It already feels like he’s our dog and part of our family and we’ve been watching him for 2 months now. He’s a totally different dog for us as well; he’s never ruined anything but here he gets lots of time, love,and attention though. He was also jealous when Patti’s dog would jump up on my lap and he would growl at her; he’s claimed me as his own and “defends” me from any other dog.