Hitler The Artist.

HitlerPaintings I was surprised to see on the news that Hitler was a talented painter! I remember hearing YRS ago that he was a painter but I thought they meant a HOUSE painter, not an ARTIST! I was doubly shocked to see that he was talented,too, and his works were actually quite good! He painted in watercolour and mainly painted architecture such as buildings and bridges but also did dogs and things but rarely people. He did his works  about 30 YRS before WWII and painted hundreds of works. He could have had a promising career as a painter but had trouble selling them and was only ever able to sell a few postcards that he painted and was rejected from the Vienna art school despite having obvious talent. It’s too bad though; too bad he didn’t stick with the artist thing instead of going with the dictator thing, the world would have been alot better off! If he had been accepted at the art school and been able to pursue his dream as an artist it would have changed the entire course of world history. It really makes you think though, how one decision(or rejection) can not only determine and alter one person’s life course and destiny but others’ as well, and how it can cause this “ripple” effect, be it for bad or for good, and how the outcome can be changed entirely.

As well, it’s been 9 days overdue and “Aunt Flow” STILL hasn’t come so hopefully it HAS stopped now for good, our  oldest in Edmonton said he’s getting 40-60 cm of snow and all of ours has melted away, and luckily Buddy seems to be feeling better today; he’s eating again and just had  one ca-ca( but it was mucus-y and soft) and is back to wagging his tail again and being more like his usual cheery self and I’m so relieved as I was so worried! I didn’t sleep well, worried about him and kept waking up during the night checking on him making sure he was ok and I was so scared I’d wake up and find him dead laying beside me in bed and I would be so gutted! If he died it would be even worse than his owner taking him back as I’d *NEVER* see him again; at least if his owner took him back I could still visit or maybe even get him back again but if he died he’d be gone forever and I’d NEVER see him again!

Buddy also jumped up on to my hubby’s lap as he was sitting in his reclining chair as we all just held our breath and had a horrified shocked look on our faces, waiting to see what he’d do…..but he just sort of smiled and goes, “Uh…..excuse me….what are you doing?” and gently put him back down onto the carpet….and the poor dog looked crestfallen and slinked back over to me for a cuddle. The 20 YR old said I’ve always been fat, ugly, and old as well and I told him I’ve always been ugly but I haven’t always been fat and old; I USED to be thin and young once but he just laughed, and when I’d mentioned how people usually have SOMETHING; if they’re fat then they’re pretty, or if they’re not pretty then they’re smart, etc. but I don’t have anything going for me and I got the “short end of the stick” in everything; I’m NOT smart, pretty,thin OR talented, and then my mother said, “No, YOU’RE not but your KIDS are, so that should be good enough.” Wow, she really knows how to make me feel “better”, doesn’t she?  I told her, “How does that help ME struggling thru life? It didn’t help me when I was a kid and it doesn’t help me now.That’s them, not ME.”

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