The Reindeer.

Reindeer Neighbours around the corner have what I THOUGHT was a cool reindeer topiary; it looked like the ones pictured here only covered in green….except at night it lights up in white lights and I was aghast! I didn’t know it was one of those tacky light-up things! Topiaries are nice and classy but then it crossed the line having lights on it! My hubby, however, thinks the tackier and gaudier the better. He wants everything to be as lit up as possible, like our outdoor Christmas lights on the house every YR he keeps on adding more and more and there’s so many now it takes an entire month to put up every YR and looks like Snoopy’s doghouse and is so lit up I bet you can see it from space! The kids like to torment me with the tacky decorations on the Christmas tree,too, which I always hide at the back of the tree when no one’s looking, and whenever I hear the organ and chimes it reminds me of when I was a kid at Christmas as we had this organ and chimes record and I prefer the traditional Christmas music as well; the Latin ones or sung opera-style,and when I hear certain Christmas carols I think of Christmases in the 1800’s.

The 16 and 20 YR old’s also went to a big jiu-jitsu tournament and the 16 YR old won a gold medal, my cramps are so bad and I’m soaking thru a tampon every HR, but “Aunt Flow” is 10 days late so it’s alot worse, and Patti told me she actually watches the Kardashians and The Bachelor on TV and I told her, “Oh, Patti, you DON’T! Are you serious?” I can’t believe she’d watch crap like that (I watch more “high brow” stuff like “Criminal Minds”) and she even said the KarTRASHians “aren’t that bad” and I reminded her, “Are you KIDDING? The only reason they’re famous is for making a SEX TAPE! They’re whores!” She also said that even if we do end up keeping Buddy for good her son would still likely want to keep “official ownership” of him on the microchip, so it would still be his name and address on there, but I don’t care what it says on the microchip info; as long as here’s here with us that’s what matters and if he’s here with us full time he’ll be ours for all intents and purposes,and besides, it could also work in our favour,too: if we get caught without a dog license and get hit up for one it’ll be HIM as the legal owner that will have to pay for it and NOT us!

The 13 YR old’s friend is going to the Maritimes for 2 weeks over Christmas to visit her grandparents as well and they get to take a military plane which I think is cool and not something that most of us get to do, and she had 2 friends over and they MADE lipstick using some scientific formula using crayons and Vaseline, and the 15 YR old went skating with friends. A friend also said she doesn’t want HER kids to move away from home but I can’t WAIT for MINE to leave, and if our oldest took a train up to visit from Edmonton we found out it would take 3 DAYS and cost 1000$ so flying’s the only way but we have to figure out where 600$ is going to come from, and I found out a Facebook “friend” of mine is a “troll” and a hacker as well and she hacks into other people’s accounts! I have noticed that she gets really aggressive and nasty if anyone disagrees with her but I have to say that I never saw THIS coming!