Googly Eyes.

MeGooglyEyes Here I am with Googly eyes. Just for laughs. The 2 oldest are gone now and the second-oldest has a 13 HOUR layover in Hong Kong too and she’s not even allowed to leave the airport! Ugh! She also said that Japanese guys are intimidated by Western women and I don’t doubt it as most of them ARE slutty and too aggressive and forward but that’s too bad as I was hoping that she’d meet a nice Japanese guy and get married. It was time for the oldest to go though as he’s only ok for a few days and then he gets nasty, mean,and obnoxious; he’ll start yelling at me and being condescending when I don’t agree with him, and we argued about what makes someone a redneck, and when I said that “The Walking Dead” is lame as just the idea of zombies taking over the world and a zombie apocalypse is just the stupidest thing ever(not to mention the fact that zombies are occult,too) he yelled at me, “Oh, shut UP!” We get along better from a distance.

Buddy and I also went to visit Patti and she was baking cookies and she “scolded” me not to let Buddy get too fat as it’s “bad for his spine” and my mother said it sounds like a school Principal telling the kids what to do and it feels like he’s not really ours but that we’re always under supervision and monitoring of a sort esp. how we’re not allowed to take him with us if we move, and it hurts how she refers to him as HER “Grand puppy” and that he’s now under her name and “under her care” but lives with us which makes it feel like he’s on permanent loan, like we’re just “leasing” him or something when he’s really part of OUR family now but it’s like she’s always in control even though he’s with us.

It’s tragic as well to hear about the Air Asia plane that crashed and I saw an article on Facebook that insinuated that since the pilot was a devout Muslim that he probably crashed it on purpose in a terrorist attack even though they WERE flying thru a bad storm and asked for permission to climb higher but were denied and ALOT of people in Indonesia ARE Muslim( so what’s their point?) so this is nothing more than Islamophobia, and religious hatred and I’m just so SICK of this shit! We’re so poor now too my mother has to take out another loan again( and she’s still paying off the other one!) to pay the property tax, home insurance, and other bills and the financial situation is only going to get worse once my hubby loses his job…..

As for New Year’s Eve, we don’t do anything; it’s just like any other day. New Year’s Eve parties are just an excuse for losers to get drunk and act likes asses,anyway. I’m always in bed and fast asleep by Midnight anyway.

I Love My Weiner!

DachshundSilhouette  I am owned by a Dachshund.

I love my weiner.

My best friend has 4 legs and a tail.

Home is where you are greeted by your dog.

I have my Buddy to keep me warm at night.

My boy loves me unconditionally.

Happiness is a nice warm Dachshund.

He is the light in my life.


As well, I finally got to church but I still have the Walrus cough and croaky voice and their Christmas decorations reminded me of my happy childhood Christmases in the 1970’s and brought back nostalgic memories,and The Rich Lady was there again,too,and I stared at the back of her head, admiring her, and  imagining her rich life, a life that I had once,too, many YRS ago.

Bye Bye Christmas.

ChristmasLights I took down the Christmas decorations and tree and of course no one helped me( as usual) and I had to do it all myself so I broke it up into 2 days because it’s alot of work. I’ll be taking down the outdoor lights( the ones I can reach,anyway) on New YR’S. It was really hard untangling the tangled lights off the tree; they ended up into a huge knotted ball; it was a real bugger and it took over an HR just to untangle the lights alone but I finally did it and got all 10 strands separated. So now the tree’s packed up back into it’s box and the decorations are all put away in the basement for another YR and you’d never know that it was just Christmas. All the furniture is put back into it’s normal place again. So much work, preparation, setting up,and decorating and it’s all over in just a day.

I’m disappointed with the hippo picture my hubby got me as well; I was hoping for a hippo painting or drawing; not just a picture I could have just got printed out at WalMart and framed myself, plus the hippo had birds on it’s back which would have been better airbrushed out. Oh, well. The 11 YR old still has her rash/hives too and now not only on her face and hands but also on her arms,butt and side and I guess it will be until the allergen gets out of her system. I still have the Dying Walrus cough and funny voice as well but I’m back up and about again at least but it took a week!

The boys were teasing poor Buddy and he’d always run over to me for protection and comfort, and the oldest is starting to get mean, nasty,and obnoxious again; he’s ok here  for a few days but after awhile he gets mean. We were arguing and he was also accusing me of being “argumentive” because I didn’t agree with everything he said and hissed at me, “Go play with your dog!”. He’s outstayed his welcome now and it’s time for him to go back. We get along better from a distance. He and the second-oldest will be going to Toronto for a few days to visit friends before they head back home either later today or tomorrow.The 18 YR old also isn’t telling anyone her SAT scores but she said it’s “above average” and other people would be happy with it but not as good as she was hoping for but she’s a perfectionist though.