My Best Buddy.

Buddy30 So far so good….the renovations are done at Buddy’s owner’s( other than finishing touches like painting the baseboards and stuff like that) and he’s still here; they haven’t asked for him back yet (or mentioned anything about it)and it’s been a week now since their House Warming party so that would have given them enough time to unpack and settle in so hopefully they’ll just let him stay here with us for good.I just hope they don’t want him back for Christmas though. For me he’s become like my therapy dog. Happiness has 4 legs and a tail. I couldn’t find him again the other day after he was out in the yard for his 6 am pee either(he didn’t come back upstairs to bed) and then later when I came downstairs I found him in the livingroom all curled up in a pile of blankets(as seen in the photo here) next to the coffee table! He also had rolled around in shit outside later on but it was dark and I didn’t see….and then the 20 YR old petted him and got shit all over his hand so I washed Buddy all off while I was cracking up laughing! I have to keep reminding the kids about the Dog Rules as well; things you don’t do which annoy dogs and could result in getting bitten:(although oddly enough Buddy lets me do but not anyone else)



– Touch a dog when it’s sleeping or eating

– Take food or a toy out of it’s mouth

– Startle a dog

– pull it’s ears or tail

– touch it’s tail or paws( for some dogs)

As well, it’s funny how my old friends D( from grade 6) and O ( grade 10) are successful now but I still remember D best for putting a shit in John’s desk in school even though now he’s an accomplished film maker and I remember O mostly for that time he threw a piece of chalk in math class and it hit the teacher even though now he’s a well known psychologist who’s often featured on TV, and the 4 teens, my hubby and I decided to not get gifts this YR for Christmas and instead put all of our $$$$ together to pay for our oldest’s fare so that he can come up and visit ; the only way we’d be able to find the $$$, and I can’t believe it’s Advent already, just 4 weeks until Christmas; it feels like it was just summer not too long ago!

I went to church early yesterday morning( and the kids went Saturday evening) instead of Sunday evening when we usually go as the kids went to the Santa parade and the 15 YR old was IN the parade with her dance class and in church the priest accidently said it’s the first week of LENT instead of Advent, and as I was leaving the other priest said to me, “Your kids are so good!” and I was so shocked and surprised I blurted out, “Really? Do you want to borrow them?” and he laughed and said he has enough with his nieces and nephews. Are we talking about the SAME kids here though? I don’t think he knows my kids too well if he thinks they’re good. I liked going to church on my own,too, as it was nice and quiet and peaceful by myself and I didn’t have to always have to lean over and hiss, “Shhh!” all the time!

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