The Tail Game.

Buddy43 Buddy and I have this little game we play every morning when we wake up I call “The Tail Game” ( original, I know)usually just his tail is the only thing poking out from under the cover and I touch it and say, “What’s THIS?” and then it thumps furiously round and round like an airplane propeller and he emerges and greets me and when he hops off down off the bed I ask him, “Do you have a stretch for me? Can I have a stretch?” and he’ll do this nice stretch and it’s extra cute because he’s so long and lean, and pretty well all the time I ask him for a stretch he’ll do one,too! He has this really putrid breath as well I call “Fish Breath” as it smells like fish, I couldn’t find him the other day and called for him and he quickly ran down the stairs( as he always comes when he’s called; he’s such a good boy) and he leaped into my arms, tail thumping a mile a minute, and kept licking my face, his Facebook page got 58 friend requests in just a DAY and I’VE never had that many in a single day and I’M a person( so I got a good laugh out of it) and after just having it a few days he already has 68 friends from all over the world,too, incl. Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Portugal, etc. he’s a cosmopolitan and popular guy and has a better social life than I do! I also read that him chewing on his hip and upper leg( I call his “chicken leg”) is a nervous habit done out of anxiety(likely left over from abuse from an earlier owner), like how I bite my nails, yet another thing we have in common! We’re the same; we both have anxiety disorders, love the sun and being outside, baths,and a cozy warm bed! We had so much snow as well he got stuck in it with his short, stubby little legs!

Patti also said she called the vet about her dog and he said it’s likely genetic and an inherited seizure disorder as well,esp. as she’s had them previously and seems healthy otherwise and shows no other signs of disease, so I guess like an old friend of mine back in Ottawa who had epilepsy she also inherited from her father and she just took meds to control it, but my experience with dogs and seizures isn’t good; my first Chihuahua puppy had seizures the day after we got him so I rushed him to the vet where he died,and Patti said she made this new friend who’s 70 as well and he drives her places but she thinks he’s taken it the wrong way and thinks she’s like his girlfriend or something now and he keeps phoning her all the time and she says it’s so annoying but I think the poor guy’s just lonely. That’s the thing; everyone seems to be lonely and just wants a friend, a companion, or a mate. I also had a dream last night this huge muscular guy who looked like “Mr. Eko” from the old TV show “Lost” was interested in me which is a laugh as no guys( except for my hubby) ever were so I knew that it HAD to be a dream! I also told him in the dream that I’m married but to keep in touch as you never know what the future holds and I think it’s true what they say; women are always trying to “trade up!”

Hopeful news,too: my hubby has a job interview at his company next week in a tier 3 management position as a supervisor over those who are being outsourced so I hope it goes well and will be encouraging, the 13 YR old said she saw my grade 8 graduation photos( which I posted yesterday on my blog) and said I “USED to be pretty” and “Looked like a model” which I was shocked to hear as it’s the first time in my LIFE that anyone ever referred to me as anything but ugly( and I’ve NEVER been called “pretty”) and that was the same time my nick-names by the bullies in school were “Ugly”, “Dog” and “Frankenstein-Face!” My mother thinks that they bullied me because they were just jealous we had $$$$ and I had nice clothes and nice things, and with my Asperger’s I’ve always been different and it’s like there’s something they could “sense” about me that invited ridicule.The 20 YR old also said he doesn’t think love is real but that it’s a “myth” and a “childhood fantasy” and that “People that stay together( like my hubby and I) are miserable” and it shocked me; he’s too young to be so cynical and even I think love is real and some people ARE lucky enough to find it both ways( you love someone and they love you back) and this is basically a kid-free weekend for me as well: most of the kids are away at a Cadets survival outdoor weekend camp and 2 others are away out of town helping my hubby with his home business, leaving just the 7 YR old here so I’m going to enjoy it by doing nothing and just enjoying the blissful quiet!



Snow(new) After no snow for awhile and bare sidewalks it’s snowing  again, and it’s coming down hard ; we’re supposed to get a total of 15-20 cm and it’s packing snow,too! Buddy doesn’t like it though; when I took him out for a walk he stood there looking like, “What the Hell is THIS? It wasn’t here earlier today!” and the snow kept falling on his face and on his eyelashes and he kept trying to shake it off. The poor dog hates the snow. Patti also told me her dog’s had 2 other seizures before, on average once a YR which would strongly indicate an inherited disorder as opposed to a contagious or fatal disease so Buddy and I went over for a visit and she hugged me and said she loves me like a sister and was making fun of another friend of hers( as well as the one she usually does but this other one as well) showing me her texts, laughing at her poor grammar and spelling( it was like a foreigner just learning English or a bad Facebook translation) which made me feel uncomfortable so I just turned away and played with the dogs instead. She used to be the Popular Girl in school though and I was the one bullied so I guess some things never change and we continue to carry those roles into adulthood and they always stay with us.

As well, my hubby went to a meeting at work in Toronto at executive HQ about his job status and he said they were confusing and said conflicting things; they went back and forth between saying they were all losing their jobs to saying they were merely restructuring and shuffling everyone around so no one really knows! He also said his contract expires the end of Feb. and he has to take his 3 weeks of holidays after that which he gets paid for AND we still have our drug coverage, and the tier 1 and tier 2 jobs are being outsourced( he’s tier 2) but he DOES qualify to level up to tier 3 now but there are few entry-level openings and the ones that are ,are in Brampton and Markham and the closer you get to the city the more expensive it is to buy houses and  live there and there’s no way we can afford it so he’d either have to commute or get a room there during the week to live and come up and visit on weekends.

Ever since my sinus infection in October my nose is always stuffy,too, and both sides have tight scabs that haven’t healed and that bleed at times, I found what looked like pubes in the sink, the 16 YR old said about my hubby who fell asleep on the couch, “You should write a profanity on his forehead!” so I replied, “You got a marker?” and my mother is being a bitch to me as always as well: the 15 YR old took a turn making dinner and she made her “famous chili” which’s normally really good but for some reason this time she put in too much pepper ( it tasted like she dumped the whole container!) so it ruined the taste( all you could taste was pepper and it was overwhelming) so I couldn’t stomach eating it, and the “Patty ‘Mon” (Jamaican beef patty) my mother made was all hard, dried and like shoe leather; impossible to bite into or chew so I threw it out and she chewed me out for “wasting food” and I told HER to try and eat it then; she thinks it’s ok for me to eat crap, and she only used to get the pizza buns I like when they were on sale but now the 7 YR old likes them TOO she buys them FULL price.


HairJan2015 Here is the progress of my hair so far, how it looked at 2 weeks of growing in from being bald. Patti said a change will do me good and my friend S said she likes my new hair. The 16 YR old didn’t even notice I was growing it in until just now, and he goes, “How come your’re not bald?” It grows really quickly and there’s no wrinkles on my forehead seen here either and the 11 YR old said, “Is it photoshopped?” (Ha, ha, very funny!)There’s lots of grey coming in but I’ll leave it so far until it gets longer and see how it looks and if it blends in nicely and goes well with the style I’ll just keep it but if it looks too shitty and just makes me look like an old hag then I’ll dye it to cover the grey.

As well, that lady at church was still obsessed with my fur coat this week just like she was 2 weeks ago; she was STILL going on about it how it’s real fur and was giving us The Eye and it made me feel really uneasy( I don’t think she’s quite “right” in the head) and I was worried she might try and steal it when I went up for Communion or something so just in case I wore it when I went up and when I got back to my seat she was gone. It’s really weird.The 18 YR old also applied to 3 universities for the fall where she wants to study psychology, and the 13 YR old’s been playing with the 7 YR old for the past couple of days when usually she ignores him and says how annoying he is and it made me wonder if my mother’s paying her to play with him to keep him out of trouble although she denies it but I wouldn’t put it past her.She even lets him play Wii U games on the TV when her precious game shows are on even though she refuses to give them up to let anyone else use the TV at that time; he’s so spoiled!

The 7 YR old was also being so bad my hubby( for once!) actually punished him(usually I’m the only one that does) and said he loses the Tablet until JUNE( which even I thought was a bit extreme but whatever works, right?)…but then he goes and basically undoes it by saying for each day or week he’s good he can “earn” it back weeks or months early….and so far now he gets it back next month which sort of defeats the purpose of losing it until June and how is he going to learn that way if you impose a punishment for a set period of time only to revoke it right after? The 15 YR old’s friend “Klepto”‘s house is so strict as well they’re not allowed to do anything; they get in trouble for talking at the table, drawing on their arms, running down the stairs, if they don’t get up and get dressed the first time they’re called they don’t get breakfast,etc. so even though our kids have rules they have lots of freedom compared to them and they must think they run wild!

Patti’s dog had a big seizure yesterday,too, that lasted 5-7 minutes and she was crying, fearful she wouldn’t come out of it and said she’s had them twice before as well(once a YR) and she’s only 2 YRS old which would lead me to think it’s likely a genetic disorder like inherited epilepsy or something which the Toy breeds tend to have, esp. females, and she’s at the right age for it to present itself, although it could still be from a contagious disease such as encephalitis or distemper so just to be safe I decided against visiting her today with Buddy like I originally planned until we know for sure as I don’t want to risk him catching it,too! Now that he’s officially ours I said his status has now changed from a temporary visa to permanent resident, and the 11 and 13 YR olds wanted to bath him as well which they did(I showed them what to do) but they didn’t blow-dry him too well and he was still wet so I had to finish off doing that.