Happy New YR!

HippoNewYR Hello 2015! Happy New YR! Last night the 13 and 15 YR olds went to their friend’s houses for a New YR’S Eve party but the rest of us didn’t do anything other than go to church for New YR. It was more crowded than usual. I never really make a New YR’S resolution other than to start a new YR so that way I never fail. New YR has never been a big deal to me and is really just like any other day. My birthday is in 3 days as well and it happens to fall on Epiphany this YR which is a Sunday and the 11 YR old was aghast when I told her I’m still going to church, even on my birthday.(I have to force her to go.) I have always had a feeling my whole life as well that I will die before I’m 50 and I’m turning 48 so if that’s true then I haven’t got too much time left…..

NewYRDeath I’m taking down the outdoor Christmas lights later today as well and the good of last YR was going on Prozac again( I was on it YRS ago,too) which literally saved my life, going back to the Caribbean, meeting Patti ( as I really needed a friend) and getting Buddy ( he is the only thing that brings happiness into my life) and this YR I hope to be getting my repeat boob reduction surgery, 3 of the kids also have their Sacraments( First Communion and Confirmations) in the spring, 3 of them need their passports renewed, and I hope my hubby finds another job ok, only without having to move because I won’t,and I won’t lose Buddy,either.