My Heart.

Heart I was woken up during the night by this loud thump, thump, thump, I thought was Buddy’s tail wagging and thumping, hitting me but it ended up being my own HEART, it was racing and beating so fast it was thumping loudly and making me shake, waking me up! It was the strangest thing! It didn’t last for long though(and I never had any pain or anything) and then then I just rolled over and went back to sleep. Buddy was fast asleep the entire time; all curled up beside me under the blankets so it wasn’t him, but I wonder what that WAS? It was so strange and it’s never happened before; maybe it was just an irregular heartbeat or something that eventually got back into rhythm and corrected itself? I still haven’t heard anything back about the results of my blood work I had done last Monday either so I guess everything must have come back normal otherwise the doc’s office would  have called and told me to come in for an appointment.

The 11 YR old also said she didn’t think I had a phone when I was a kid and I told her I DID, it was just stuck to the wall in the kitchen, and I undid the outdoor Christmas lights which took me 90 minutes to do and I got frostbite on my face as it was so cold and windy and even snowing and after all that my hubby yelled at me I did it “wrong” even though I did him a FAVOUR by doing it ( so that way HE didn’t have to do it) and he should be thanking me, the ingrate! We’re supposed to get a big storm today as well; snow and then freezing rain and rain but tomorrow going up to 8 C and more rain. Ugh. Gas is also finally lower; it was up to 1.35$ a litre and now under a dollar a litre and now we save 30$ each time we fill up the tank in the van; we FINALLY get a break after being gouged for YRS at the gas pump!

They are also putting our home insurance up by an extra 800$ this YR with no logical reason to do so; we haven’t bought anything recently to justify it and we just don’t have the $$$$ to pay so now we have to take out another loan and are so poor now we have to take out loans just to pay the BILLS now, and once my hubby loses his job the kids will have to stop their lessons and activities too as we won’t have the $$$$$ to pay for them anymore and we’re even borrowing $$$$ now to buy FOOD,too! The Fascist gov’t has banned public smoking in outdoor patios and parks now as well and even though I don’t smoke I still think is going too far; it’s TOO Big Brother and we have less and less rights and freedom all the time in this Police State,and I also can’t get why this loser country is so obsessed with redneck hockey all the time,either; it’s everywhere and it’s all everyone talks about or shows on TV for like 8 months of the YR; why is it such a big deal? this place is just sooo low-class; just known for hockey and drinking beer and has NO class, culture, or history in the least. It’s embarrassing.

I leave you with one last thought:

What’s even cuter than a hippo?

– A BABY hippo!