Just For Me.

1970'sdisco I can feel the Black Dog of depression  creeping in on  me once again so I am writing down the things that make me happy and that I like to think about: the 1970’s and the Disco music from that era. It was a good and fun time to be a kid and I have many happy nostalgic memories from that time.  Despite not being loved by my immediate family, being anxious for as long as I remember, and growing up feeling alone and being abused, I somehow still did manage to have a happy childhood, thanx to friends and to music and by spending time with relatives ( grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins) at Christmas and in the summer and going to camp.

80'sClothes Other than the 2 1/2 YRS of bullying I endured in the early 80’s I liked the rest of the decade. I had friends both in school and later at the YMCA group , my Chihuahuas,and happy memories of our old house in Toronto where I will always consider to be my “real” home. To this day I still like the music from that time and it was a simpler time; no cell phones or computers and even the video games I played as a teen( such as PacMan, Space Invaders, Asteroids,etc.) and the fashions that would be called “gay” now  were stylish at the time and I just didn’t like the neon ones but wore the others and esp. liked the slouch socks and the baggy acid-washed jeans.

Bob#3 Bob Marley and Reggae music. Music soothes my hurting heart and  troubled soul. I can escape into some good music and just leave myself for awhile and …just…..be.

HippoHerd Hippos. I love hippos and they make me happy.

Caribbean Travelling. I love to travel the world( I have been to 35 countries so far) and I love experiencing new places, foods, cultures, etc. It’s so fascinating and inspiring to visit places I have read about in the Bible, to walk where Jesus walked, to see with my own eyes the ancient ruins I have studied about in history,and I esp. love Europe and the tropics.

Buddy39 Buddy. I love my sweet little Dachshund and he brings a smile  to my face every day. He keeps me going and has brought me happiness that I haven’t had in YRS and it’s only because of him that I’m still holding on now that the depression is starting to take hold of me once again. He is my faithful little friend and loves me unconditionally as I do him.