My Dinner.

ItalianFood My hubby took me out to dinner at my fave. Italian place for my late birthday dinner and we both had pizza; I had one with mushrooms, hot pepper, feta cheese, chicken, and onions. They make the best pizza ever and this is the only classy place in this town and my hubby was complaining how much it costs but you only get what you pay for and he’s just cheap! It’s freezing cold all this week as well it takes me even longer to get dressed for the cold to take Buddy out for a walk than it does FOR the walk and he hates it so now when it’s this bone-chilling cold ( – 20 C with wind-chills of – 30 C) he just quickly runs out in the backyard and does his thing and comes back inside!Walks will just have to wait for warmer weather. We even have extreme cold warnings issued and some homeless people died on the streets in Toronto from hypothermia. How sad.

Our oldest also now has a full-time job; I think it’s at the same place he was working before temporarily, my mother said she doesn’t have insurance to cover her debts once she dies so I’ll inherit all her debts and she doesn’t have any life insurance or any other $$$$ to leave behind,either, yet I don’t have the $$$$ to pay them off,either, so we’ll end up losing the house,too, as we’ll have to sell it to pay everything off. This is all just so overwhelming our financial situation and debt and esp. now even more uncertainty with my hubby losing his job next month; it feels like my whole life is all falling apart.Everything is just spiraling out of control and all I can do is watch as it all caves in on me.

My hubby told me Canada won some stupid hockey game as well and it’s all over the news and it’s all everyone keeps talking about and they’re all going wild over it; I’m so sick of hearing about it all the time and I only have 2 words to say about it:


I don’t know WHY he’d even BOTHER telling me though when he KNOWS I don’t give a rat’s ass and it’s on my list of Top Ten Things I Don’t Give A Shit About and people really should get a LIFE and focus on things that really *matter* in life and I found an old friend from our old church ( someone I saw as an unofficial mother figure; one of only 2 women who have filled that role) on Facebook and reconnected with her but she hasn’t accepted my friend request and now I feel crushed, and I’m going to see the latest “Hobbit” movie tonight as the local cinema lets you in for free within a week of your birthday as long as you bring proof of your birth date so I’ll take my passport as it also has a photo ID.