Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie.

CharlieHebdo Like everyone else, I am horrified over the terrorist attack in Paris on the Charlie Hebdo magazine staff. I will never condone violence or terrorism, and I will always defend freedom of speech, however  when I saw with my own eyes exactly WHAT the cartoons were like that the satirical magazine does on a regular basis it does cross the line and I can understand why people are offended and find it insulting; they are NOT just light humour, in fact, it’s not even funny but rather very graphic, and extremely crude, vulgar, crass, and disrespectful to religion, not only to Islam but to others as well , such as the Muslim prophet Muhammed’s balls being cut off, him being raped anally, vulgar images of the Pope, the image I have shown here( although cropped to censor out the more graphic parts) of the Holy Trinity, showing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in a sort of Congo line, butt- f*cking eachother.

It is forbidden in Islam to have images of any of their holy prophets, not only Muhammed but also Jesus, Moses, Abraham, etc. so any drawing, statue, etc. is considered to be disrespectful and an idol, and no one likes to be made fun of or insulted but then when you add insult to injury by blaspheming things people hold sacred in their beliefs by making vulgar images of them and mocking them that’s just going TOO far, beyond the bounds of decency  and is just in poor taste and when you cross the line like that you have to expect negative feedback and accept the consequences.

With freedom of speech also comes responsibility and respect. The Americans get enraged if someone burns their flag, for example.Muslims and Christians are hurt when the Koran and the Bible are burned. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was insulted when the plot for the movie “The Interview” depicted him assassinated. You might have the right to say what you want but then you must also expect that others also have the right to get upset and react to it. I don’t condone the attack on the magazine staff(there is never any justification for terrorism) and violence is never the answer but I also think they should tone down on their vulgar depictions of people’s religions and stop making fun of people. People don’t like being made fun of; believe me, I know, and there IS such a thing as going too far and “pushing the envelope.”

Now the reaction to the whole thing is just begetting even more hate and violence and it only increases an anti-Muslim backlash with mosques being attacked and more Islamophobia so it just becomes vicious circle of hate, attacks, and counter-attacks, and it never ends. You can’t blame an entire group for the actions of some extremists; it’s just like saying that all Germans in the 1940’s were Nazis or that all Irish are IRA. People are now standing in solidarity for free speech( a good thing) and saying “Je suis Charlie” ( I am Charlie) but I say “Je ne suis pas Charlie”( I am not Charlie) because even though I do support free speech I do NOT support hate, religious discrimination,and making fun of people( which is just a form of bullying) which is what Charlie Hebdo has a habit of doing(and even worse under the guise of free speech). I support the victims of the shootings but not the vulgar and crude cartoons that the magazine publishes or the hatred that it portrays. How is that “tolerance” and “free” speech while insulting others and denying them their rights of religious freedom free from persecution and mockery?