I Love This Boy!!

Buddy40 We got lots of snow and Buddy refuses to go to the bathroom in it; I had to CARRY him out in the backyard at 6 am and place him underneath a bush so he’d go pee!  He HATES the snow( and is an even bigger cold wimp than my hubby!) and because he has such short stubby legs his belly drags along the snow! We hadn’t been able to go for our daily walks for the past few days as it had been sooo bitterly cold ( – 30 C) but it’s warmer now ( – 8 C or so) so we’re back but he still won’t pee or shit on the snow but the little snowplow on the sidewalk kicked up a big chunk at the corner exposing a patch of dirt, grass, and leaves with no snow on it now so that’s where he goes. My Boy and I are so much alike; we should both move to the Tropics together!

We also visited Patti (We do once a week) but with the cold weather we haven’t been able to as often and she said I shouldn’t take him out for a walk when it’s “too cold” ( anything below 0 C which it won’t be until spring!) although I still do if it’s – 10 C or warmer as it’s “bad for his joints and feet” although he still needs the exercise and I’d think walking would be GOOD for his arthritis in his hip and I resent her always “bossing” me about him and my mother said since he’s still in her name(even though he lives with us now) that SHE should be the one who pays for his yearly vet bills/vaccines, not us, esp. since we can’t afford it yet I don’t say anything as I don’t want to cause an argument, endanger our friendship, or risk her taking him back so I just keep quiet.

I still can’t believe he’s ours and we get to keep him. I am so blessed and this is the only way I’d be able to have a dog so it’s a true miracle the way God answered my prayer. He just makes me so happy. He’s the perfect companion for me and the kids just love him,too, and he just fits into our lives and our family so perfectly. He’s a perfect fit and a perfect match.

He is Heaven sent.