Happy Birthday!

SirJohnAMacDonald Today would have been Sir John. A. MacDonald’s 200th birthday! He was the first Prime Minister and the one who made this country a country. Sadly the poor guy would be spinning in his grave to see what Canada has become today with it’s Fascist Police State policies , restrictions, rules, control,and regulations, with it’s police brutality, limits on freedoms, civil, legal, parental, and religious rights, with it’s political, environmental, and cultural indoctrination, propaganda, and brainwashing, treating the Natives, minorities,and immigrants like shit, racial profiling and racism, religious and cultural discrimination,  and overall asshole-ness and all-round general shittiness. Fortunately he didn’t live to see the immoral , morally permissive and liberal society, yet oppressive policies.


I just read a newspaper article on the guy and as it turns out he wasn’t such a “hero” afterall but really nothing more than an underhanded drunken, racist bastard! Who KNEW? He starved the Aboriginal people into submission to get their approval for the railway, treated Chinese immigrants like dirt and put a “head tax” on them who he referred to as “semi-barbaric” people, and created the Indian reservations with their Third World conditions that last to this day. He also used bribes and intimidation to get the railroad thru and was a drunk! He was nothing more than the first original corrupt Canadian politician…..so I guess he would be actually be pleased with the cesspool  of immorality, corruption, and anti-democracy the country has become today!


I guess it says alot about the “integrity” of THIS country too to rewrite history and gloss it over making an A-hole like this look like some kind of national hero….

“Ketchup” Post.

KetchupJan2015 Catching up on things:

– The pharmacy screwed up my pills again: I went there and told them how it should be refilled once a month instead of 2 weeks so that got straightened out…..except when I got my refill it said zero refills even though I should still have 4 left as it was a 6 month prescription. Everyone here is so half-assed.

– Buddy and I are always in sync,even when we’re both asleep; we toss and turn and roll over together, when one of us does the other follows and we’re always aware of where eachother is, so that he doesn’t get rolled on and squished and I’m always aware when he comes in or out from under the blanket or on or off the bed.

– One of our cousins in Europe( who spends all winter in the south of Spain) is in the hospital with bronchitis and breathing trouble and they were worried about her heart and said if she didn’t go to the hospital when she did that she might not still be here. That’s some scary stuff.

– My friend from the old church did add me as a friend on Facebook afterall; it turned out there was just some kind of glitch. I think it’s impressive that she’s even older than my mother( 5 YRS older than her to be exact) and she uses the computer. My mother doesn’t even know how to use computers.

– Patti had blood in her pee but it turned out it’s from a bladder infection and she also has it in her shit too so they want to shove the “garden hose” up her arse and find the cause of the bleeding( just like how I had done twice down my throat and down into my stomach for my ulcer) and she’s scared esp. as she’ll be alone but so was I ( my hubby just dropped me off and picked me up once I was done) and everything was fine and they put you to sleep and you don’t remember anything so I told her she’ll be ok.

– I had a dream last night I was with the Archangel Gabriel and I held on to him and I was flying and something bloody in the semblance of a burnt naked man approached us and I yelled out to warn him and then I had trouble breathing and at the same time in reality I woke up coughing!

– I burned myself on the oven and my mother didn’t even care and then she snickered, “It’s not always about YOU!” and then smirked sarcastically, “Ooooh, poor YOU!”  and I told HER that it’s NEVER been about me; that I always come last, not first, that MY thoughts, opinions and suggestions don’t count, and that I’m the LEAST important and don’t matter; that it’s been like that my whole life, then she goes, “You’ve ALWAYS come first!” so I said ,”Don’t give me that shit!” and then she says how she’s “taken care of me my whole life”…….but then how come as a kid she paid STRANGERS to raise me and to do her job for her instead and then from age 11 I was a “Latch Key Child” and left home alone and I grew up feeling like an orphan with no parents and I practically raised myself? She OWES it to me now to help me out because she sure WASN’T there for me when I WAS growing up! She never did want me and she didn’t deny it when I asked her either and before she even TOLD me she never loved me. What a shitty thing to say, esp. to your own kid. I mean, what kind of person SAYS something like that? Mother Of The Year. Shit. No wonder I’m so broken.