Buddy My hubby told me with Buddy turning 9 next month that he “Probably will die in a YR or so” and it broke my heart. Dachshunds can live to 12-15 YRS old, sometimes even longer. Hopefully we’ll still have another 6 YRS or so to enjoy and love him. I wish he could live forever.

MuskratFurCoat In church yesterday a woman sitting behind me reached ahead and was rubbing my back( I felt like Buddy being petted!); she was feeling my muskrat fur coat, and she asked me, “Is it real?” It kind of freaked me out and I half expected she was one of those PETA freaks and she’d spray paint my coat or something in protest.

Parka        Here is the parka I want….but they start at 695$…. Dream on.                                                                                 HippoSurfing Surfing hippo……RainbowHippo…and rainbow hippo; I guess he’d be the Gay Pride hippo.