Lost And Found.

LostAndFound I was thinking the other day about all the losses in my life compared to the blessings in my life because I was really trying hard to count my blessings and was hoping that they outweighed the losses but they didn’t. I’ve sadly had far more losses than I have blessings and more things go wrong than right, more struggles than gains, more losses than “wins”, more pain than joy, more misery than happiness, more bad than good, more negative than positive, more hardship than ease, more worry than calm, more grief than celebration, more hurt than healing, more disappointment than excitement, more failure than success, more rejection than acceptance, more abuse than kindness, etc.

More lost than found.

As well, at least if the 18 and 20 YR olds are able to find jobs soon it will bring some extra income into the family to help pay bills as we struggle financially, esp. once my hubby loses his job next month, and I have so much anxiety and worry lately I bite my nails even more than usual but I’m trying hard to let it go and surrender it all to God, giving all the worry to Him even though it’s really hard as our future is so uncertain and our financial situation is getting so dire, and I’m excited to be growing my hair out into a new style and even if I end up not liking it for some reason I can still always just shave it off again, and the 11 YR old thought bin Laden was in Aladdin,too! No words.

Poor Buddy was so cold on his walk(even though it wasn’t too bad, – 5 C) as well that he was limping on the way back and could hardly even walk his feet were so frozen ( it would be like us walking out on the snow and ice barefoot) so I picked him up and carried him the rest of the way home, and he’s so smart and good,too, whenever he finds food laying around( on the floor, carpet, etc.) he’ll pick it up in his mouth and bring it over to me first, and drop it at my feet and look up at me for approval, asking me if it’s ok to eat or not and if not I’ll take it away and if I say it’s ok only then does he go ahead and eat it! What a smart dog!