Prayer Warriors.

PrayingWithDog I heard somewhere that when you die you will get to meet all of the people that you have prayed for and that got me panicked and nervous as over the YRS and certainly over my lifetime I have prayed for hundreds, if not thousands, of people, between my own family and friends, others I know, people I have heard about on the news, people I have been requested to pray for, whenever I am aware of someone in need, etc. as I am a Prayer Warrior and I pray for anyone who I am aware has an illness or needs help, who has died, or is in need of a prayer of intercession. The reason I’m so nervous is with my Social Phobia is I am uneasy around people I don’t know and I feel awkward and never know what to say and don’t like meeting new people or mingling, so what will I say and how will I be around hundreds or thousands of them? I never even  knew that or thought of that, that I’d actually meet them one day; I just pray for them and for their souls because it’s the one thing that I CAN do, one way I can help, and I know that God hears and answers prayers…but then again if I make it to Heaven I will also be made whole and won’t have Social Phobia, Asperger’s, depression, or any other deficits anymore either so then I should be ok as I’ll no longer have those issues anymore, right?

As well, once I fall asleep it doesn’t take me long to get into the dream stage and when I’m asleep it feels like I’m entering into another “realm” and I wonder if that’s what it’s like when you cross over into Heaven, and a blog I read they’re moving to South Africa( where the mother is from) to do missionary work after living in USA for 14 YRS and I think it’s so cool, adventurous,and exciting, I was wondering since I played guitar and violin when I was younger if I picked it up again now if I’d be able to re-learn it and if it would come back to me as I HAVE the knowledge in my brain, hidden away somewhere for many YRS, I just have to retrieve it, the 7 YR old was being an obnoxious brat again as usual and my mother was trying to excuse him like always too but the 16 YR old said, “He should just learn to NOT always be so annoying!” I’m proud of him how he stood up to her and told her the truth and what I’VE been telling her for YRS!

I also heard somewhere where they asked who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met and mine would have to be former PM Mulroney  and my mother said a friend of hers was friends with the former King Hussein of Jordan; they went to school together and as adults he’d go visit him at the palace, it bugs me that 2000 people were massacred in Nigeria by a terrorist attack and it barely got any news coverage, unlike the attack in Paris which was well covered…..why? Is it that they value Western lives more than African lives even though ALL lives matter equally? Do they think white lives matter more than black lives? Wasn’t it a similar amount of people that were killed during 9/11 and they STILL go on about that all these YRS later ….do they think American lives are more important? Something is very wrong here.

I heard on the news as well Target and Sony stores are pulling out of Canada as they’re losing $$$$$. Target has only been here less than 2 YRS but is a bust, mainly due to higher prices than  in USA ( customers were expecting similar lower prices) not the same variety of goods, and empty store shelves, plus the strict regulations here, strict labour laws, high tarrifs, and higher prices all caused it to fail. How many times have we heard this and how many other retailers have folded and pulled out of the country for the same reason? Canada sucks! The provincial gov’t’s also thinking of charging a carbon tax now too, pandering to the Enviro freaks and Green agenda  and mainly to gouge even MORE $$$$ out of us and we already PAY 15 % sales tax as it is! The excuse is to “make up” for the falling oil prices that are hurting the economy even though the Liberals’ campaign promise was they weren’t going to add a  carbon tax…..but we all know they lie and cheat and can never be trusted or believed.

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