Inbetween The 20 YR old told me the other day that if we were American he’d be a Democrat and figures that I’d either be a Republican or a Communist. Yeah, I know…..big difference there. That’s the thing though, and I’ve been like that my whole life, I’m ALWAYS in-between with *everything*; I never fit in or belong anywhere and I’m always a bit of this and a bit of that; a combination, but never all of one with none of the other. As for politics, I’m Republican ( here we’d say Conservative) based on the fact that I’m for traditional family values and am pro-life and don’t agree with or support feminism, homosexuality, or abortion…..but on the other hand I’m NOT pro-gun, pro-war,and pro-military like they also are, and as for being Communist I agree with the idea of everyone being equal and of no poverty and with free and universal education and healthcare for everyone….but I DON’T agree with State control, ownership, tight regulations, and intrusion into people’s lives.

It’s the same with religion as well: I agree with the traditional family values but NOT that the church DOES allow drinking and gambling and celebration of Hallowe’en which is occult even though the Bible commands us to avoid everything to do with the occult. I am also deeply religious and shun most of what the world has to offer yet I am also too funky, free-thinking, and individual for other religious folks at the same time and they think I’m a “rebel” and I’m not like they are. It’s always like I’m sitting in the middle of the fence but don’t really belong on either side. I can’t be categorized or labelled. I am complex.

As well, my hubby was sitting in his recliner and he called Buddy up and he did, sitting on his lap and he pet him( I wouldn’t believe it myself if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes!) and the 20 YR old was thumping up the stairs so loudly late at night he woke up Buddy who leaped out from my bed and ran to my door and was barking and then he woke me up, so he’s always on guard, even when he’s asleep, so if a rapist should ever decide to break into my bedroom he’d have quite the surprise waiting for him….crotch biter! I also had a dream where I said, “I’m not leaving without Buddy!” although I don’t know where I was or where I was going. I just love that guy sooooo very much and he makes me so happy and gives me strength it’s almost as if I can get thru anything as long as I have him!

I mentioned as well how in the Netherlands anything goes and prostitution and marijuana is legal and the 16 YR old goes, “I know where I’M moving to!” and growing my hair out( it’s now a Buzz-cut) the 11 YR old said, “Is it so people will stop thinking you’re a dude?” and I saw a recent photo of my old friend P ( since grade 6) and she’s looking old now,too, which shocked me as she’s always been pretty, popular,and popular with the guys( she even had a boob job; implants) so if even SHE’S got the “crow’s feet” and showing signs of age now and losing her looks then there’s not much hope for the rest of us, and with my hair growing in now I can see LOTS of grey( which is depressing)too, and it makes me feel really OLD, and I was also thinking that the more you get to know people the less you like them so it’s better just to know them casually and not get too close, and we joke if the RCMP ever shows up at our door we’d have to ask them who they’re here for; me for writing subversive anti-gov’t stuff on my blog or for the kids for all their illegal downloading!