My Hair.

BuzzCut It’s been a week now since I shaved my head( from being bald before) and now it looks like this: a Buzz cut. The 11 YR old says I’m growing my hair out so people will stop thinking I’m a dude.

PixieCut This is the goal: a short “Pixie” cut. The 13 YR old calls a “transgender” cut yet even when I had long hair the kids still said I looked like a guy in drag… I can’t win either way. I HATE being ugly and masculine-looking.

Ugly2015 No matter what I try to do with my face, my hair,with make-up, a suntan, my clothes, my weight, etc. the fact is that I will always be manly-looking and ugly. That’s Fugly with a capital F.

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother. It’s just a lost cause,anyway. There’s not much you can do when there’s nothing to work with. I’d need endless $$$$ and the best plastic surgeon in the world to work a miracle.

As well, Buddy is one smart dog: he KNOWS when people are insulting him and he’ll bark at them! When the 11 YR old called him “Fat Boy” he barked at her, when Patti called him an “Old Fart” he barked at her, and when the 7 YR old calls him a “Stupid dog” he barks at him,too! He knows what insults are and he doesn’t like being called names! Good for him! Don’t take any shit! Luckily he loves me just the way I am, unconditionally. He doesn’t even notice, or care, that I’m ugly and unfixable.