First 1. First memory:

– 3 months old and I had socks on my hands and was trying to scratch.(I had Chicken Pox.)

2. First dog:

– Beagle.

3. First house:

– When I was 12 YRS old.( not incl. the house when I was a baby but I don’t remember it)

4. First crush:

– Steven, in grade 4.

5. First best friend:

– Caroline, in Kindergarten.

6. First child:

– When I was 22.

7. First out of country trip:

– To USA.

8. First overseas trip:

– Russia.

9. First thing I cooked:

– Chocolate cake, age 8( it wasn’t cooked enough and was still wet inside)

10. First concert:

– REO Speedwagon.( they were late and there was a riot and people were setting fires)

11. First love:

– Norman( age 15)

12. First kiss:

– Dylan in grade 6; I had my friends hold him down after school one day so I could kiss him…..then he kicked me and ran away.

13. First period:

– Age 13 1/2

14. First boyfriend:

– My hubby

15. First job:


16. First bike:

-Age 20. I grew up in a busy city and my mother never let me have a bike so when I was older I bought one myself.

17. First haircut:

– Grade 1 after I cut my own hair and had to go to the salon and have it fixed.