Buddy Bites.

Buddy41 Buddy BIT the 7 YR old! They were alone together in the kitchen when all of a sudden he starts loudly crying that he bit him, but there were no other witnesses to see what happened or to know the entire story. He does have a bite mark on his leg but I find it hard to believe that he’d just go up to him and bite him for no reason as he walked by, unprovoked, and he DOES tease him and I have seen him kick him before so it makes me suspicious. In any case I scolded him for biting and he looked crestfallen; he bowed his head down in shame, hunched over, sulking. I also told the kids NOT to tease him,either, and he has bitten them before when they’ve been teasing him,, but only the ones that tease him; he hasn’t bitten me or the 15 YR old; the only ones that haven’t ever teased him. He’s never even  growled at me,either, because I’m kind to him and he trusts me and feels safe with me and he doesn’t see me as a threat. My hubby was REALLY mad though and said if he keeps biting he’ll kick him out of here and just the thought of that breaks my heart; he’s my best friend and the only thing that brings any happiness into my life; every day he makes me smile and brings me joy and I won’t lose him. The kids accuse me of loving him more than them and throwing them under the bus etc. but the simple fact is that Buddy loves me and they don’t and he treats me better. When I said I finally have someone who loves me unconditionally my mother smirked, “You only had to wait 48 YRS!”

What a bitch. That’s what I mean.

The kids just give me stress and my life only gives me fear, anxiety, worry, stress, and trauma. I rarely get any happiness and when I do it never lasts for long and then someone always has to ruin it for me and take it away. I’m not going to lose the one thing in my life that makes me happy. It already feels like my life is all falling apart, and everything is all so uncertain and turned upside-down with our struggling and worsening finances, my hubby losing his job, possibility we may have to move( and I refuse to because again I won’t leave Buddy behind) and losing my drug coverage etc. that goes along with it, etc.  and I’m not going to let them get rid of Buddy now,too. I don’t want him biting the kids either but to be fair they DO tease him and provoke him first. He’s the one constant in my life and one thing that makes me happy and I’m NOT going to lose him; he’s the only thing I have to keep me going. I also heard that worry and fear is the opposite of faith and this bothers me as I DO have a strong faith in God and I always have…but I worry and live in fear as well and I always have, even as a kid; I’m just a worrier by nature and it doesn’t mean that I don’t trust in God; worry, anxiety, and fear just takes over and my life has taught me to always expect the worst because that’s what I usually get….

As well, they said on the news the local hospital  here might end up closing as it’s in deep debt and not going to get the financial help from the gov’t that it expected,and my cousin in Europe is finally OUT of the hospital in Spain now after almost 2 weeks with breathing issues and I hope she has travel insurance( she spends winters in Spain but lives in Europe still) although maybe since it’s part of the EU she’s covered automatically?