The Surgeon.

Surgeon After waiting since last APRIL for the referral to go thru I FINALLY saw the surgeon about my boob reduction! He’s in a city an HR away, a city I have mixed emotions about as it’s where the 11 YR old was born but also the same hospital where we had the 16 YR old treated for leukemia when he was 7 so it holds both good and bad memories. We saw a fox waiting along the side of the highway next to the forest waiting to cross on the way there and also a restaurant called “Buddy’s Burger’s”….Buddy….like our dog…get it? The resident was nice; she was female and young and I was hoping that the surgeon would at least be “hot” so I wouldn’t be AS embarrassed showing him my titties but he wasn’t. I’d say he’s in his 50’s and has sort of a “prickly” personality and he gruffed to me during the exam, “Why are you closing your eyes?” and I told him because I was really embarrassed ( you know, sort of like in those movies where they can only shoot people if they turn away and don’t look) and he looked at them and measured them and squeezed them. He also said one is bigger than the other and agreed that they’re big, and did an exam to check for lumps and good news; no cancer!

He said that it’s not the “volume” that’s big as I had the surgery before( when I was 18) but that gravity took over and after having and nursing all the kids gravity’s taken over and the skin’s all stretched out and they hang down to my waist so what he’d be doing isn’t really a reduction but rather a “lift” so they’d be up higher, tighter, and smaller and I’d be able to go bra-less and “free” and just let it “fly” and he checked my belly about a repeat tummy tuck as well (as I’m hoping to get both procedures done at once ; one recovery) as my belly looks like a Shar-Pei or saggy baggy elephant skin, and he said he’d have to alter it a bit due to excessive scarring from my previous one and I’d have a vertical incision from my bellybutton but no one would see it anyway as I don’t wear bikinis or belly shirts or anything, anyway. Hopefully the provincial health plan will pay for the boobs(since it causes me back, neck,and shoulder pain and does impair my life) although they may not as it IS a repeat surgery(they won’t for the tummy though as it’s considered to be cosmetic) but he will submit the claim but it takes 3 months to hear back and THEN still 2 MORE months until I’d get the surgery so we’re looking at JUNE! Everything in this shit country always takes FOREVER and is slower than Jesus’ Second Coming! If it IS covered then I can get both(as I’d only have to pay for the tummy) as I’ve saved up $$$$$ for 2 YRS(but I only have so much,too) but if they don’t cover it I can just get the boobs done as each starts at 4-5000$ but if I have it done at a private clinic as opposed to the hospital it’s cheaper and I can save 2500$ or so. It’s not as safe but what do I care; I’m all about saving $$$$.

As well, Buddy is always humping my arm or leg; even as I’m walking by he’ll grab on to my leg and hump away; I swear that dog is soooo depraved, the poor f*ckless creature, and I nick-named him “Humperdinck”, “Sir Humpsalot” and “Humper”. When I was at my app’t he missed me so much as well that he just sat at the front door and whined the entire time I was gone. My faithful friend.