NOT A True Canadian!(Yay!)


This was a quiz I took to see how many Canadian slang words I know to see how much of a true Canadian I am and I scored 15/20( the 11 YR old got 7/20) and I’m damn proud of it,too ,as I  didn’t know the redneck terms. I honestly haven’t heard of some of them and have no idea. I always knew I was in the wrong country and don’t belong here. This place sucks and there’s a big world out there. I also see lots of people with the goose down parka I want  but HOW can they all afford it? I can’t justify spending 600$-700$ on a coat, though, as much as I want it,even if I did have the $$$ but I could never afford it,anyway. Still no news on how my Facebook friend’s wife died yet,either, but suicide sounds likely, esp. considering all their hardships lately; they lost a baby at birth, and my friend had a stroke last YR, has hepatitis and other medical issues and just had surgery 2 weeks ago, and for the past 2 YRS have been raising a friend’s 14 YR old since her mother(also one of my Facebook friends) died of cancer.They have a hard luck life like I do.

BuddyFB For a joke I also created a Facebook page for Buddy! I know of a PIG that has one, so why can’t Buddy? It’s such a cold wind out there as well he almost blew away on his walk and his ears were flapping in the breeze like a flag and he looked like Dumbo the Elephant and he always barks at the 7 YR old( as he teases him and he’s always loud and yells) and when I said, “Buddy doesn’t like him!” to my mother when she complained about him always barking at him, and then the 11 YR old added, ” NO ONE does!” He exceeds the limits of my medication,too.My hubby’s away at a cards tournament this weekend as well and the 16 and 20 YR olds have a jiu-jitsu tournament today, tomorrow in church the 11 and 13 YR olds have their Enrollment for their Confirmation where they’ll be presented in front of the congregation,and next weekend 4 of the kids have an outdoor survival weekend at Cadets.

If you’d like to take the quiz, here’s the link: