The Scam.

Scam Here’s the latest on my Facebook friend’s wife death: they’d said after not being able to contact or find him that he had “joined her in his grief”…but then it was finally revealed thru more investigation that the entire thing is fake; it was a scam…and that neither he OR his wife ever even existed but that they were fake profiles created by Jane who was supposed to have died of cancer YRS ago but instead just closed her profile and took on the fake identities and fake profiles of my friend Declan and his wife Siobhan….and apparantly it was her(Jane) that died last week( who they thought was Declan’s wife Siobhan) explaining why there was nothing seen or heard from “Declan” after that point as she had died…..or had she? Maybe she just faked her death yet again and went on to create another fake profile?

The whole thing is just so confusing. Needless to say everyone who followed “Declan” and his wife feel deceived and hurt. I mostly just feel sad because Jane obviously must have had psychological issues to do something like this( she was lonely, needed attention and sympathy) and I pity her. She never did it for financial gain and was always a good, kind, caring friend who made us laugh, posted funny uplifting things, encouraged us when we were down,and sent well wishes on our birthdays, so whether it was “Declan” or Jane they were still a nice friend that I cared about and prayed for; that hasn’t changed. I mourn the loss of “Declan” though, a friend that never really existed, a person I cared for and prayed for that wasn’t even real( although I had no way of knowing and we were all fooled) and I prayed for Jane’s soul for the past few YRS too and she wasn’t even dead, but I still continue to pray for her now as she needs the prayers even more now. I’d thought they were just another unlucky family like us that faced trauma after trauma but they were fake.

It reminds me of the “Baby April Rose” and “Joshua” scams that I also fell for in the past; cases of dying children I was referred to as a Prayer Warrior to pray for( which I did) and it turned out to be fake but the problem with them is they cheated people online out of their $$$ telling fake sob stories begging for $$$$$ which I never did though as I am cautious to never give $$$ online to bloggers or anyone as you never know what’s true or what’s a scam and lots of people aren’t who they claim to be so you can never be too careful. All I’m “out” was praying for situations that weren’t real but prayers are never lost or a waste of time and God knows your heart and your intentions.

As well, it makes me feel so old now too that musicians that I grew up listening to are dead or dying now, the 13 YR old told me I’m “Fat, lazy,and old” which hurt and made me think of that saying, “The more I know people the more I like my dog”, we could only scrounge around and find 3 items to donate to the food bank this month as we’re so short of food ourselves now our finances are in such bad shape( we normally give them 1-2 bags a month of food) and pretty soon WE’LL be going to the food bank ourselves for food if it gets much worse and we ran out of bread and eggs again as well and the kids were acting like starving orphans or woodland creatures foraging for food moaning, “We’re STARVING!” “We’re so HUNGRY!” “There’s NO FOOD!” and at the jiu-jitsu tournament the 16 YR old won a bronze medal and the 20 YR old almost choked an opponent unconscious and he was twitching and foaming at the mouth but wouldn’t concede so the referee decided that he was done. OMG, that’s so……brutal.