My Old Life.

HoltRenfrew My old friend( ever since we were 12) mentioned recently how she shops for clothes at Holt Renfrew( comparable to Saks Fifth Avenue; a swanky, ritzy store) and it made me miss my old life. We used to have $$$$ once and I miss it now that we don’t just like I also miss living in the city. Now we really struggle financially and can barely make ends meet but back then I’d go downtown to the mall every week and buy myself a new outfit and the kids toys every week, I’d drop 200$ on a pair of boots no problem, if I saw something I liked I’d go buy it, I could buy jewellery etc. just because it looked nice, I bought make-up at the counters in the mall such as Chanel and Elizabeth Arden ( now I get Revlon at the drug store) shopped for clothes at Esprit, Benneton, Roots, etc.(now it’s Walmart) and shopped at the trendy children’s boutiques downtown where I’d pay 100$ apiece for newborn outfits, I travelled all over, I’d buy designer clothes( now I haven’t bought clothes in forever) I’d go to the theatre regularly( I had monthly tickets) to see musicals and plays, donate regularly to charities, etc. but all that’s in the past now; now we have to take out loans to pay bills, run out of food, can only buy stuff on sale, get clothing second-hand, use coupons, buy food reduced, no-name and in bulk, etc. and it will only get worse once my hubby loses his job next month. The economy has really hit us hard and the adjustment  has been tremendously difficult to adjust to. I hate being poor and it’s esp. hard when we used to be well-off before. It’s really hard to have something and then to lose it than to never have it to begin with.

I wish things were like they used to be. I wish I had my old life back.

As well, my hubby jokes with my boob reduction that I’ll be getting a “sex-change” operation( because I look masculine and ugly) which is really hurtful so I really let him have it and told HIM that HE has this girly effeminate voice(which is true but I don’t go telling him all the time) that makes HIM sound castrated and it’s NOT a nice thing to hear, is it? The truth hurts, doesn’t it?…then he shut up. I also just found out that 10 YRS or so ago the oldest threw the now 20 YR old in a garbage can off the 2nd floor balcony into a bush below! I never knew that and just always thought that the dent in the bushes was from him throwing the garbage can into it but I didn’t know someone was INSIDE it! What were they THINKING? He could have been KILLED!! That has GOT to be the DUMBEST thing he has EVER done! It must have occurred one of the times I was away on one of my trips because there’s no way I’d ever allow it! The kids had this contest yesterday too where they stood on their tip-toes to see who could do it the longest and the 16 YR old won; he lasted for 50 minutes….but afterwards everyone had cramped feet!

Toller Cranston also died at his home in Mexico and I noticed that about all famous Canadians; except for Anne Murray all the others have LEFT this shit-hole and live in other countries; none of them stay here so they must think it sucks here (like I do) as well and when I asked the priest yesterday to pray for us with our finances and my hubby’s job loss he commented with the economy and high unemployment that this country’s “turning into a Third World country”,too, and my mother gave the 7 YR old 2 pieces of pizza my hubby brought back from his cards tournament even though I’d said only one each to make sure there’s enough for everyone and she excused, “You snooze, you lose!” and “He’s up before they are!” and “He can have MY piece then!” always over-indulging and pampering him( so much for “Same rules for everyone”) and she even escorts him everywhere he goes too when Buddy’s nearby( as he’s scared of him now) and when I said he’s a “baby” and “over-reacts” she snickered that *I* “under-react”; as always twisting it around onto ME and making it look like it’s MY fault all the time! She’s a REAL piece of work!