Best Day Ever!

Buddy42 GREAT NEWS! Patti’s son sent me a Facebook message asking me if I officially wanted to be Buddy’s owner like Patti had mentioned and I said yes so he told me his background and said he’s giving him to me 100% and even though he does miss him Patti’s told him great things about me and how happy Buddy is here and how he’s thriving and he doesn’t want to take him away from that, from a home where he’s loved and being cared for and he wasn’t doing well there with the baby, AND he also said that despite Patti telling me we could only keep him as long as we didn’t move or I’d have to return him to her HE said even if we DO ever move away he CAN come WITH us(he said he wouldn’t think of expecting me to leave him behind) and that he’d tell her that! That’s one less worry on my mind and now I’m not so upset at thinking of the possibility we may have to move depending on my hubby’s job( I still don’t want to as both my mother and I would have to find new doctors and the timing’s not right now and moving’s such a huge hassle and expense) now that I can keep Buddy(and I wouldn’t move without him,anyway) and knowing it’s officially official  is a relief although I have to say when I first saw his message I was worried he’d changed his mind and was going to say he missed him and wanted him back!

As well, we switched insurance companies for our home insurance as our other one was putting the cost up by 800$ and the new one only up by 200$ from last YR but our hydro bill’s 85$ more than usual due to the electric heaters, the 13 YR old was playing with the 7 YR old like he was a dog; having him “fetch” food, taking him for a walk, having him sit, roll over, beg, etc. and my hubby said if Buddy bites again he’s out of here but I won’t LET him take away the only happiness I have,either, and he’s MY dog, not his, and he’s still charging me 20$ a week for letting me keep him and he’s NOT going to ruin this for me, but if he did and I lost the only thing in life that makes me happy I have a bottle of pills hidden away that I’ve been saving up for the right time; when I have nothing left, and it would just be too painful to see Patti walking him past my house( or even worse, coming for a visit with him) once spring comes for both he and I, and more than my heart could bear.

I have also decided in the meantime to:

Embrace the ugly.

Embrace the old.

Embrace the crazy.