Eye Trouble.

Bug-eyed Chihuahuas The 13 YR old had her eyes checked and I was right( proof again that you should always LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER!!) she DOES need glasses! She has astigmatism, likely due to the fact that she( like her oldest sister as well) has “football-shaped” eyeballs instead of round. She selected frames and her glasses should be ready in a few days. She picked out the most stylish ones they had so she’d look fashionable and not like a poindexter with the thick lenses, black frames, and tape in the middle, ha, ha! One of my Wisdom teeth is starting to hurt as well( I have 2 left; I have had 2 removed) so I got an app’t with the dentist for 8 am next Wednesday( the earliest I could get) before it gets worse as I’ll likely need either a filling or another extraction, and I don’t want it to get infected like I had before….

The 18 YR old was also accepted at a second university she applied for( she hasn’t heard from the third one yet) and this is the one that she really wanted to go to, too, so she’s really happy and excited, one of my cousin’s kids is being bullied in school; the bully slammed his head against the wall and it’s not the first time it’s happened,either, but all they do is have them shake hands and make peace but it doesn’t help( I think the bully should be suspended) and another cousin said both his sons were bullied,too, just as I was, which is one reason why we homeschool! I remember one time when I went to the Principal she said it was MY fault and I “deserved” it because I’m ugly.

It bothers me as well that Patti still refers to Buddy as “hers” and as her “grand-puppy”(which reminds me of when people say “Pet Parents” which sounds so stupid) even though he’s ours now and he never WAS hers to begin with,anyway; he belonged to her son and then he transferred ownership to me, and when my hubby was singing Buddy started barking; I guess the monstrosity was hurting his sensitive ears(I know how he feels) and I feel better with my virus now; I’m just stuffy, the 13 YR old has a weekend retreat sort of thing with her church youth group, and I put out a plea on Facebook asking if anyone wants to start up a fundraising collection so that I can move to the tropics as well but so far no takers…..

The Doctor’s Appointment.

Doctor(newest) My mother went to see her doctor and her blood tests show her cholesterol is even higher( she only stuck to her diet for 2 weeks though and then cheated and just ate whatever she wanted) and officially has diabetes now, type 2. He said to just “continue”( ha,ha) on the diet: no red meat, no white grains( only whole wheat breads and pasta), no salt, and to make sure half of every meal is fruit and veggies. Yeah….like THAT’S going to last for long! I’ve never heard of maintaining diabetes merely by diet before; you either get injections or medication. I have the virus now as well, so only my mother and hubby are left standing so far and I’m dizzy, have a headache, sore ears and throat, fever, and bad sinus. I only got 4 HRS sleep last night as I was all stiff and had restless legs but then had a nap and felt a bit better.

I also got the 13 YR old to book an app’t to have her eyes checked as she gets headaches when she reads, watery eyes, and often sees blurry and “spots” as well as sore tired eyes, all common symptoms of eye strain and needing glasses even though she denies it because she thinks glasses aren’t “cool” and thinks she’ll look like a dork. She’s a fashionista and a diva but she should worry less about how she( and others) look on the outside and concentrate instead on what’s on the inside; in her heart and in her soul( the 20 YR old scoffs that’s “Just something that ugly people say”) I hope it’s nothing serious though; not a medical issue like a tumour, glaucoma, or cataracts or something, but just the usual need for glasses. The ceiling in the 17 and 7 YR old’s bedroom’s also leaking and the 17 YR old kept getting wet from the water dripping onto him as he slept in the top bunk and he got all wet so he left and came downstairs and laid on the couch.

I still can’t believe the 11 YR old “pranked” me about my fave. cousin dying,either; that she would do that to me, it was really mean and a hurtful thing to do. I’m so upset and she never did apologize, either and now I can feel that something’s irreparably changed between us now, something’s been broken, and I’m just glad that my cousin’s ok; that he’s alive and well, but I was so upset when I thought he’d died; I was crying and inconsolable; what a truly shitty thing for her to do and it goes beyond the scope of anything any of the kids have ever done, and she’s the one that’s supposed to be the closest to me,too. I really feel hurt and betrayed.Weird as well: listening to the radio I heard an airforce plane transmit a message to the ATC tower at the airbase so I guess it’s on the same frequency as my radio station but it was a strange thing to hear over the radio!

I was also thinking about my old school friends and how their lives turned out and what careers they chose and it’s various: one’s an accountant, one’s a lawyer, one’s a mail carrier, one works for the school board, one works on Wall Street, one has a PhD in psychology, One has a Masters Degree in business and finance, 2 own restaurants, one owns a hotel in Costa Rica, one works in computers, etc. so I’d say they did well and ended up successful.